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It Works For Me: Celebrity Stories Of Alternative Healing
by: Banks, Heide
Explores 18 different alternatives to conventional medicine presented by celebrities.
c. 1996...S/C...$14.95

Mosby's Outdoor Emergency Medical Guide
by: Manhoff, David

What to do in an outdoor emergency when help may take some time to arrive. In simple, illustrated easy-to-understand, step-by-step instruction. Written for people not trained in emergency medical procedures. the most common, life-threatening outdoor emergencies you could encounter. A camping or hunting accident. Snake bite or bee sting. A bad fall with internal injuries. A near drowning. Bleeding. Shock. Heart attack. Stroke. Seizures. Etc. Pages are tabbed for quick reference. 66 pages
c. 1996, Spiral Bound... $12.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good, some slight cover wear

Where There Is No Doctor
by: Werner, David

A village health care handbook. This book is for: the villager who lives far from medical centers, the Village storekeeper or pharmacist who sell medicines and health-care supplies, the teacher in a rural school, the village health worker and mothers and midwives. It is more than a book on first aid. It covers a wide range of things that affect the health of the villager - from diarrhea to tuberculosis, from helpful and harmful home remedies to the cautious use of certain moder medicines. Special importance is placed on cleanliness, a healthy diet and vaccinations. The book also covers in detail both childbirth and family planning. A good, well illustrated book for someone in an isolated situation. B/W illustrations. 403 pages
c. 1977, S/C... $12.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good, some slight shelf wear



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