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A Tennessee Legend with a Pictorial of Old Bottles & Jugs
by: Mitchamore, Pat

History behind the Jack Daniels distillery. Color photos shows many old bottles. 80 pages
c. 1992, H/C... $12.50
Used, Out-of-Print
Condition: Very Good, some staining on cover

Advertising Art of Steiff: Teddy Bears & Playthings
by: Dottie Ayers

Compilation of antique steiff ads run between 1911 and 1929 in Germany.

Animal Wildlife Stamps (Stanley Gibbons Collection)
Wild animal postage stamps & a collection book for the beginner stamp collector. Ages 8 & up.
Booklet w/Stamps...$3.95

Birds Wildlife Stamps (Stanley Gibbons Collection)
Bird postage stamps & a collection book for the beginner stamp collector. Ages 8 & up.
Booklet w/Stamps...$3.95

Birdcage Book
by: Garisto, Leslie

A spectacular celebration of birdcages from antique to contemporary design--the first book on the popular new collectible of the 1990s. Like the objects it showcases, The Birdcage Book is a gem that will fascinate casual readers and serious collectors alike. 75 full-color photographs. 95 pgs.
c.1992, H/C...$20.00
Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Brand New

Colt: An American Legend
by: Wilson, R. L.

The official history of Colt Firearms from 1836 to the Present, with over 300 illustrations in full color. Susquicentennial Edition, 406 pages
c. 1985, H/C... $45.00

Cowboys & The Trappings Of The Old West
by: Manns, William

Pictorial celebration of the old time buckaroo. Presents his saddles, chaps, spurs & other tools of the trade in a comprehensive tribute to the makers. Over 550 photos. 224 pages.

Great Hunters: Their Trophy Rooms & Collections Vol. 1

This is the most incredible and well-researched book ever produced on trophy hunters and their collections. World-famous hunters from this century share some of the most dazzling rooms ever photographed. Included are Barnhart’s "whitetail wall," Golabchi’s "sheep mountain," and life-size mounts of rhino, giraffe, and elephant—there's even a great white shark! Since trophy rooms have curiously short lives (the collections are usually sold, donated, or accidentally destroyed when the owner dies), these beautifully detailed photographs and highly original text are not just rich in aesthetic value, but are also an important historical record of the world’s greatest trophy rooms, many of which will no longer exist twenty years from now. A must-have for any hunter’s collection. Outstanding color photographs. Coffee-table size. 172 pgs.
c.1997, H/C, 1st Ed...$60.00

Identification & Price Guide To Winnie The Pooh Collectibles
by: Smith, Carol

This one-of-a-kind identification and price guide provides the origins and dates of over 200 authorized Winnie the Pooh and friends collectibles. Includes: Pooh, Piglet, Tiger, Eeyore, Owl, Kanga, Baby Roo, and Christopher Robin as well as these manufacturers: Sears, the Disney Store, R. John Wright, Gund, Agnes Brush, Knickerbocker, Horsman, Enesco, and Schmid. 187 illustrations, 76 in color. 120 pages.

Thimbles (Shire Album)
by: Johnson, Eleanor
This book will open a door to the charm of the humble thimble in all its variety, from the simple workaday type to the rarer and more exquisite examples which gave scope for artists and craftsmen, and indeed still do. It will give those new to a fascinating collecting field an introduction to the possibilities that exist, including the parallel subject of thimble holders. 32 pgs.
c. 1982, Booklet, #96 Shire Album...$4.00



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