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Complete Equine Legal & Business Handbook: Legal Insights and Practical Tips for a Successful Horse Business
by: Toby, Milton C

Can a boarding farm owner sell a boarder's horse to satisfy a delinquent bill? Are corporations or partnerships more suitable to certain kinds of equine businesses? Will the posting of signs that indicate potential hazards reduce a farm owner's liability in the event of an injury? Does the IRS view horse ownership as a hobby or business? These questions and more are answered in The Complete Equine Legal and Business Handbook. Attorney Milton C. Toby looks at contract and liability issues that horse owners and horse business owners face as well as depreciation and deduction considerations, proper record-keeping, employer-employee relations, and public and private purchase of horses. This guide is essential for anyone involved in the horse business. 271 pgs.
c. 2007, S/C...$19.95

Complete Guide For Horse Business Success
by: English, Janet

This book answers the "how and why" of everything from successful business techniques to dealing safely with legal situations, liabilities, and insurance. It also offers record-keeping methods and a list of horse-related software programs. It shows you how to prepare a professional business plan that will attract investors when you need them, and provides information on depreciation and maximizing tax savings. Detailed charts and graphs make the accounting and taxation section so easy to understand, you'll be giving your CPA advice! A special section includes over 20 sample contracts. You'll use this book as a year-round reference. 304 pgs.
c. 1995, S/C... $46.00

Horse Trailering On The Road, 1995 Hawkins Guide

Federal & state guidelines, weigh stations, health requiements, legal requirements.
c. 1994, S/C...$19.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Horse: Equestrian Business
by: Brega, Julie

Covers planning, establishing & running a successful business venture. 170 pgs.
c. 1994, S/C...$19.95

How To Prove A Profit Motive In Horsebreeding
by: Kersten, Lee D.

Guide in helping establish a business or hobby motive for IRS
c. 1983, spiral...$12.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Legal Forms, Contracts & Advice For Horse Owners
by: Marder, Sue Ellen

Save on lawyers' fees & avoid legal problems. Here are forms, contracts, legal advice, & understanding every horse person needs to deal fairly & prudently in today's legal complex horse world.
c. 1991, S/C...$14.95

Running A Tack Shop As A Business
by: MacDonald, Janet W.

The equestrian trade sector is in a situation of nil, even declining, growth and it has never been more difficult to build a successful business. This is not to say that people cannot, or will not, succeed, nor will they stop trying, but those who survive will be those who approach their business in an informed and professional manner. This book demonstrates how to run a tack shop as a profit-making business.
Covers things such as: Location, inventory, stock control, P/L and taxes, insurance, staff, security, & more. 112 pgs.
c. 1986, S/C...$11.95
Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Starting & Running Your Own Horse Business
by: McDonald, Mary

Seasoned professionals and new entrepreneurs alike will find profitable ideas and techniques in veteran ranch manger Mary Ashby McDonald's money-making, money-saving tips for running a successful horse business. With an infectiously positive style, McDonald reveals the details of managing a lucrative business. Includes dozens of essential forms and contracts. 155 ps.
c. 1997, S/C... $19.95



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