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All About Manes & Tails (Allen Photographic Guides)
by: Henderson, Carolyn

Brief, concise, and filled with helpful photos, this introductory guide provides essential information on manes and tails. - how to pull a mane or tail - how to produce perfect plaits for the show ring. 24 pgs.
c. 1997, Booklet #8... $12.00

Braiding Manes & Tails: A Visual Guide to 30 Basic Braids
by: Lewis, Charni

Horse trainer and instructor Charni Lewis brings the wonderful process of braiding to life in her clearly described, step-by-step guide to 30 beautiful braids. Helping the braider along are full-color photographs and detailed illustrations showing twists and turns that make each style unique and the hand positions necessary to hold those ropes of equine hair in place. To keep hands free for braiding, the book has a nail hole at the top of each page for easy hanging on a post or barn wall. Lewis begins with detailed advice on choosing and using appropriate tools, preparing the horse, and creating a safe area in which to work. After a chapter on no-nonsense maintenance braids (used primarily to keep the horse neat and clean), she progresses through all the classic braids required for each riding discipline — from a Diamond dressage braid to the Three-ribbon style favored for gaited show horses. Finally, Lewis lets loose with braids that are simply fun to do. She encourages readers to experiment with a Scalloped Hunter mane braid or a Fourstrand Weave for the tail. They look gorgeous, and when the novelty wears off, there are many more to try! 152 pgs.
c. 2007, H/C, Spiral...$22.95

Clipping (Allen Photographic Guide)
by: Henderson, Carolyn & John

Brief, concise, and filled with helpful photos, this introductory guides provides essential information on horse clipping. Step-by-step, choosing the right clip for your horse or pony & techniques. 24 pgs.
c. 1996, Booklet...$12.00

Clipping, Trimming & Plaiting (Crowood Equestrian Guides)
by: Ash, Jayne

This handbook, designed for the beginner, explains when, why and how to groom, clip, trim, bath and plait a horse. With step-by-step instructions in the necessary techniques and procedures, it should enable any horse owner to achieve a high standard of turnout and, at the same time, to make a contribution to the horse's general good health and well-being. Covers: Tools & equipment, skincare & grooming, bathing, pulling manes, trimming feet. 96 pgs.
c. 1995, S/C... $17.95

Clipping, Trimming & Plaiting Your Horse
by: Tuke, Diana

Writing with the inexperienced horse owner in mind, this book advises on the choice and maintenance of clippers, the types of clip, the method of clipping, the problems encountered whilst clipping nervous or troublesome horses and the care of the clipped horse. In Step-by-step sequences, the author explains why, when and how to trim and plait. Photos. 60 pgs.
c.1991, 2nd Ed, H/C... $12.95

Grooming (Threshold Picture Guide #21)
by: McBane, Susan

A guide to grooming and how it can help keep horses and ponies healthy and looking their best. Covers: Kits, electrical gadgets, feet, quartering, wisping, mud, shampoo, hot toweling. 24 pgs.
c. 1992, Booklet... $10.00

Grooming: How To Make Your Horse Look Better (Western Horseman)
by: Weaver, John & Cindy
Clipping, bathing, mane care, tail care, show preparation. B/W & Color photos. 32 pgs.

Grooming Horses
by: Collins, R.W.
The duties of a groom in a racing stable and how to perform them. Covers areas such as: the stall, working equipment, the day's routine, miscellaneous work, saddling, what to do before & after a race, care of the legs, illness & injury, occassional duties, problem cases, and feeding. B/W photos. 122 pgs.
c. 1959, H/C...$7.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Grooming To Win: How To Groom, Trim, Braid, & Prepare Your Horse For Show
by: Harris, Susan

This is the definitive book on grooming your horse to catch the judge's eye. It features over 400 detailed drawings illustrating every aspect of grooming. Completely updated, it details current practices and requirements and covers conditioning, daily care, tools and supplies, and grooming for shows. New chapters discuss blanketing, newly popular breeds, and the latest show ring clothing styles. A must-have reference, it covers all disciplines and includes trimming styles by type and event as well as by breed. Illustrated. 344 pgs.
c. 2008, 3rd Ed, Spiral, S/C...$34.95

Horse Handling & Grooming
by: Hill, Cherry

Step-by-step photographic guide to mastering over 100 horsekeeping skills. This user-friendly guide to essential skills includes feeding, haltering, tying, grooming, clipping, bathing, braiding, and blanketing. The wealth of practical advice offered is thorough enough for beginners, yet useful for experienced riders improving their skills. 160 pgs.
c. 1997, S/C... $18.95

Manes & Tails (Threshold Picture Guide #1)
by: Watson, Valerie

Bridle path, pulling mane, plaiting mane and tail, equipment needed. 24 pgs.
c. 1986, Booklet... $12.95

Professional Grooming & Care Of The Racehorse
by: Landers, T.A.

The most complete and highly detailed book on grooming and heath care available. It clearly tells you what to do, and why-as it carefully shows you how! It will be a required training manual for all professional grooms-and for trainers and owners who teach employees (or who want to know their horses are being cared for properly)! Includes step-by-step instructions for everything from cleaning, clipping, tacking up, care of feet, walking, to applying all kinds of boots and bandages. Contains over 500 illustrations. 480 pgs.
c. 1995, H/C... $69.00

Trimming & Clipping (Threshold Picture Guides #2)
by: Watson, Valerie
Step-by-step guide to the art of trimming and clipping horses and ponies. Includes reasons for trimming, the clipping machine, techniques and tips, types of clips, clipping nervous horses, and safety. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 1999, 2nd Ed, Booklet...$12.95



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