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A Practical Guide to Horseshoeing

provides the horse enthusiast with detailed information about horseshoeing. Extensively illustrated and laid out as a technical manual indexed by chapter, section and paragraphs, this book contains invaluable historic knowledge of horseshoeing. The anatomy and physiology of a horse's foot, pastern and legs are studied, and information on horseshoer's tools, machine-made shoes and nails are given. Handmade horseshoes from bar iron or steel are examined, as are borium-treated horseshoes. Both normal and corrective shoeing is discussed for the riding horse, polo horses, hunters and jumpers, and draft animals. Care of the horses feet between shoeing periods and care of unshod horses is explained as well. A question and answer section called the Horseshoer's Catechism rounds out the book with information on anatomy, normal shoeing, shoeing to relieve or correct disorders of the foot and shoeing to correct faults in gait. 126 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1941, S/C... $10.00

All About Laminitis (Allen Photographic Guides)
by: Coumbe, Karen

This guide will help the horse owner reduce the chance of her horse developing this dreaded condition by outlining clear courses of prevention, and if the worst happens, the best forms of treatment to avoid permanent disability. Color phtos. 24 pgs.
c. 1996, Booklet #4...$12.00

Complete Guide To Blacksmithing
by: Lungwitz, A. & Adams, Charles

Early history of blacksmithing & tools used in ancient days, descriptions & illustrations of important smithing processes: welding, brazing, soldering, cutting, bending, setting, tempering, fullering, swaging, forging, & drilling. 222 pgs.
c. 1981, H/C...$25.00

Drake's Modern Blacksmithing & Horseshoeing
by: Holstrom, J.G.

Topics covered: The shop, tools, working methods, equipment, wagon wheel & axel repairing, horseshoeing, and much more. B/W iIllustrations. 114 pgs.
c. 1971, H/C...$17.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Good w/dust jacket - dust jacket has some small tears, inside very good

Feet & Shoes (Threshold Picture Guides #16)
by: Webber, Toni

A step-by-step guide to the horse’s foot and the principles of correct shoeing. Covers: Variations in feet, unshod, farrier, shoes, care of the feet, laminitis, problems. 24 pgs.
c. 1990, Booklet... $12.95

Foot & Shoeing
by: Davenport, Major C., OBE, FRCVS

A Pony Club publication. Structure of the foot, shoeing, ttols, forging, fitting, nailing, what to look for in the newly shod foot, indications that reshoeing is necessary, and horse shoes. B/W illustrations. 55 pgs.
c. 1958, S/C, Booklet...$5.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Fair

Foot & Shoeing
by: Edwards, Elwyn

Principles, methods, corrective, surgical, foot care, structure, function. 72 pgs.
c. 1989, H/C... $15.95

Fundamentals of Draft Horse Shoeing (DVD)
by: Wildenstein, Michael

Resident farrier at Cornell University, Mike Wildenstein is well known for his wonderful clinics. It's easy to see why, as he carefully demonstrates in this video how to pull a shoe, trim the hoof, shape a shoe and nail it on. He also shows what to do when your horse throws a shoe and breaks the hoof wall. His video covers caring for hooves of the work horse, rather than the show horse. Although he demonstrates some basic forge work his emphasis is on the proper trimming of a hoof. 60 minutes
c. 2007, DVD... $29.95

Hickman's Farriery
by: Hickman, John & Humphrey, Martin

The standard textbook for professional farriers, veterinary surgeons, and students--a complete illustrated guide covering the entire art of shoeing horses. 256 pgs.
c. 1988, 2nd Ed, H/C... $65.00

Hoof & How To Protect It Without Nails: Feasible Aplications
by: Hertsch, Bodo & Hopppner, Stefanie & Helmuth, Dallmer

A comprehensive, informative manual revolving round the horse's hoof. Everything about the hoof, no-nail hoofshoes and how to use them to protect the hoof in the event of hoof and/or limb ailments. Interesting, well-researched information with lots of illustrations, diagrams, and color photos. 159 pgs.
c. 1996, S/C...$39.95

Horse: Foot, Shoeing & Lameness
by: Brega, Julie

Shoeing and its influence on balance, movement, and the function of the foot, the structures of the foot and lower leg are explained as is lameness, its cause, and its treatment. 144 pgs.
c. 1995, S/C... $19.95

Horse Foot Care
by: Butler, Doug Dr.

An easy to understand guide for the concerned horse owner. Hoof management, foot diseases, basic foot anatomy, structure & function. Lots of iluustrations. 32 pgs.
c. Booklet... $7.95

Horse Hoof Care
by: Hill, Cherry & Klimesh, Richard

Covers every element of hoof care, including: Hoof anatomy and function; The importance of daily routines and consistent care; The role of the farrier and how to find a good one; Maintaining clean, dry facilities for healthy hooves; Training your horse for hoof-handling; Barefoot, boot, and shoeing options; Hoof ailments & when to call the vet. This indispensable guide will show you how to keep your horse's hooves healthy every step of the way. Readers will find comprehensive coverage of lost shoes, hoof cracks, thrush, clubfoot, contracted heels, and many other common problems, along with advice on treatment. A complete chapter on issues that require a veterinarian tells readers exactly what to look for and how to proceed. Color photos & illustrations. 160 pgs.
c. 2009, S/C...$19.95

Horse Shoeing Book
by: Humphrey, Martin

Pictorial guide for horse owners & students. Martin Humphrey, a veterinary surgeon and farrier, has written a comprehensive guide to farriery that takes the reader from the absolute basics to advanced level, corrective, and therapeutic shoeing. 128 pgs.
c. 1995, H/C... $29.95


Reprint from text prepared under direction of chief of the calvary & war dept. Book Description: California State Polytechnic College, San Luis Obispo, California. Reprint of War Department technical manual No. 2-220 originally published in 1941. Includes: Chapter 1. Basic Information, Chapter 2. Normal, special and corrective shoeing. Chapter 3. Care of feet, field expedients, and practical suggestions. Appendix - Horseshoer's catechism and Index. El Corral College Bookstore. 119 pgs. 86 figures - mainly drawings.
c. 1941, Reprint, S/C... $9.95

How To Shoe A Horse
by: Manwill, Marion C.

Physiology of legs & feet, growth of the hoof, foot problems, the shoe, the nail, shoeing chaps, safety practices, tools, examination of the hoof, shoeing, removeing the shoe, shaping the shoe, driving the nail, neglect of feet, corrective shoeing. B/W photos & illustrations. 109 pgs.
c. 1968, H/C...$19.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

How To Shoe Your Horse
by: Wiseman, Robert

Principles of shoeing, types of shoes & nails, tools, preparation of the hoof, the shoeing operation, working with hard to handle horses, corrective shoeing. Color photos. 63 pgs.
c. 1971, S/C...$12.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Laminitis & Founder: Prevention & Treatment For The Greatest Chance Of Sucess
by: Butler, Doug, PhD, CJF, FWCF & Gravlee, Frank, DVM, MS, CNS

Featuring the Edema Theory & the Frog Support Theory. Understandable explanations & effective treatments presented by two of the world's most qualified & experienced experts on the horse's foot. Color photos. 92 pgs.
c. 2007, S/C...$29.95

Leg & Hoof Care for Horses: A Complete Illustrated Guide (Knack: Make It Easy)
by: Myers, Micaela

An essential one-stop information source on how to keep a horse sound, happy, & painfree through proper care of the feet & legs. This handbook focuses solely on hoof conditions & leg ailments, with the added bonus of preventive care. Presented in a quick-reading, picture-driven format, it has full-color photos throughout & is written in terms any horseman can understand. It covers all approaches, from mainstream to massage & supplements. 243 pgs.
c. 2009, S/C...$24.95

No Feet, No Horse
by: Fox, Larry

How to train your horse to stand for trimming and shoeing. Good advice for any horseperson who wants his horse to allow the horseshoer or vet to do their best work. 112 pgs.
c. 1995, S/C... $11.95

Shoeing For Performance In The Sound & Lame Horse
by: Price, Hayden & Fisher, Rod

The author's lay down the priciples of Farriery, and explain how best to apply them in both the sound and lame horse. Shows shoeing in the normal and abnormal foot; Anatomy and physiology of the limbs, including a detaioled study of the hoof, future trends in the study of lower limb lameness, and their implications for the art of farriery; specialised shoeing for sports. Fully illustrated with photographs and explanatory diagrams.
c. 1989, H/C... $22.95
Used, Out-of-Print, Quantities Limited

Well-Shod (Western Horseman)
by: Baskins, Don

A horseshoeing guide for owners & farriers. Horse handling tips, tools, basic trimming, basic shoeing, the forge, corrective shoeing, special considerations, farrier-client relationship, and a profile of Don Baskins. B/W photos & illustrations. 159 pgs.
c. 1997, S/C... $17.95



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