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The Ward Lock Riding School Series

Eventing (Ward Lock Riding School Series)
by: Roughton, Sheila

The perfect riding experience happens only when horse and rider have bonded in mutual trust and understanding. Nothing tests this partnership like eventing, which calls for courage, speed, accuracy, and flexibility on the part of both animal and equestrian. Distinguish yourself in this strenuous mix of cross-country, dressage, and show jumping by attending this first-class "riding school", where you'll receive training in all the techniques needed to emerge victorious in competition. 96 pgs.
c. 1998, S/C... $10.95

First Aid For Horses (Ward Lock Riding School Series)
by: Britton, Vanessa

A guide to recognizing and treating the symptoms of ill-health in horses. This book covers what to do in emergencies such as a stable fire, provides an A to Z of common illnesses and injuries with remedies, and gives advice on actions such as giving injections and tack sores.
c. 1995, S/C... $12.95

Modern Stable Management (Ward Lock Riding School Series)
by: McBane, Susan

Horses require constant care to stay in top form. Apart from a good supply of fresh food and water, they need lots of exercise, shelters that protect them from climatic extremes—and plenty of affection. These beautiful animals, however, are well worth the effort, and this essential guidebook makes it easier to own one by outlining methods of feeding, accommodation, and working out. With these hints, you'll have more of the fun and less of the stress! Color & B/W photos. 96 pgs.
c. 1998, S/C... $10.95

Practical Showjumping (Ward Lock Riding School Series)
by: Draper, Judith

There is more to successful showjumping than the right conformation: enthusiasm and the right temperament, in both the horse and rider, are just as important in creating a partnership which really works. Judith Draper shows how that parnership is produced, by selecting the right horse and following a thorough training programme. She explains: how the horse is taught to jump; basic schooling; the use of simple practice fences; how to ride a course; show procedure; and travelling with the horse. She also gives advice on equipment and clothing for horse and rider, and on caring for the horse both at home and away. B/W & Color photos. 112 pgs.
c. 1995, S/C... $12.95

Tack & Clothing (Ward Lock Riding School Series)
by: McBane, Susan

Susan McBane explains in this book that carefully-chosen tack and clothing for a horse need not cost a fortune, and that they can improve performance. She provides advice on buying clothing and tack wisely; ensuring a comfortable fit; and caring for equipment to help it last longer. 112 pgs.
c. 1995, S/C... $12.95

Understanding Fitness & Training (Ward Lock Riding School Series)
by: Hamer, David

Without adequate schooling and vigorous activity, no horse can become a champion -- or even live a long and healthy life. If you want the most from your horse, you must fully understand the principles of fitness and training -- from the choice of food, to early instruction, to general conditioning. As you become skilled, take an insider's tips on traveling with your animal, the more elaborate etiquette necessary at events and competitions, and breeding. 96 pgs.
c. 1998, S/C... $10.95



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