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101 More Reasons Why a Cat is Better Than a Man
by: Zobel-Nolan, Allia

Nicole Hollander delivers the eye-catching, entertaining illustrations of Allia Zobel's irreverent and sometimes impudent confirmations of what women have suspected for years -- that they're better off with a cat. 80 pgs.
c. 1997, S/C...$7.95

A Treasury of Farm & Ranch Humor
Myers, James

Humor originating with the farm, ranch and small town backgrounds.
c. 1989, S/C...$10.95

Bad Dogs Have More Fun
by: Grogan, John

Selected writings on family, animals and life from the Philadelphia Inquirer. An unforgettable collection of more than 75 newspaper articles from The Philadelphia Inquirer written by former columnist John Grogan. Combining humor, wit, poignancy and affection, these columns provide insight into the intriguing and wonderful world we live in. 247 pages
c. 2007, H/C, (Reg. Price $18.95)...$12.50
Condition: Very Good w/Good dust jacket, some shelf wear

Boosting Your Pet's Self-Esteem
by: Dowling, Michael

How to have a self-actualized, addiction-free, non-co-dependent animal companion. 85 pgs.
c. 1997, S/C...$9.95

Cowboy/English - English/Cowboy Dictionary
by: Ryder, Tex. S.

Dictionary of cowboy terms and their meanings in English.

Flattened Fauna
by: Knutson, Roger M.

Field guide to common animals found on the road, streets & highways.

Fur and Feathers...An Unusual Farm
by: DeFabianis, Valeria Manferto

Photographs of a variety of farm animals along with quotations, political satire or funny sayings that relate to each photo. 240 pages
c. 2010, H/C... $24.95

Gee Up Gordon Bennett!!
by: Moller, Chris

From the horse's viewpoint, cartoons relating to his own horse person.

Home Sweet Zoo
by: Barnes, Jr., Clare

Collection of B/W animal photographs with comical captions. 76 pgs.
c.1949, S/C...$7.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Lessons My Sled Dog Taught Me
by: Brown, Tricia

Humor and heartwarming tails from Alaska's mushers. 160pgs.

Original Road Kill Cookbook
by: Peterson, B.R.

This guy's not kidding! Well, he is kidding, but he's serious, too. Buck Peterson takes a generally disgusting subject and makes it hilariously funny. And edible... With a good sense of humor and a strong stomach, you will find this book entertaining and thought-provoking, but you might want to keep it in another room when you have friends over for dinner. 53 pgs.

Rules For Cats
by: Mews, Fancy

Humorous guidelines for cats to follow to "educate" their humans regarding their lifestyle.

Wild Animals At Home
by: McIntyre, Nancy

Actual B/W photos of zoo animals with humorous captions. 72 pgs.
c. 1974, S/C...$10.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited



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