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Alpaca Breeders Guide: 2000 Edition
by: Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association

Info about alpacas & their fiber, the joys of raising them, investment potential, and tax advantages of ownership. Most of all, you will meet a unique group of individuals who have found a special place for alpacas in their lives. Full color pages. Magazine format. 168 pgs.
c. 2000, Magazine... $12.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condiiton: Like New

Alpacas of Stormwind Farm
by: Wood, Ingrid

Ingrid Wood writes with respect and compassion about the animals that inhabit Stormwind Farm. It is refreshing to read an honest and insightful chronicle of daily farm life. A worthwhile read. If you are new to the world of alpacas, or are seriously considering becoming a breeder, this is the perfect book—kept beside your bed or in your tote/briefcase—to read as free moments present themselves. It will be time well spent. Stormwind Farm offers a lovely landscape of efficiency and a sense of well-being for humans, alpacas, and other resident creatures. 169 pgs
c. 2011, S/C... $14.95

Caring For Llamas & Alpacas: A Health & Management Guide
by: Hoffamn, Clare DVM & Asmus, Ingrid

A basic, concise reference on llama and alpaca care. This book is a guide to llama and alpaca health care practices, first aid procedures and general management. It was designed to help you distinguish betwen situations that need to be watched for a while or that you can treat, versus cases that need immediate veterinary attention. It is not meant to replace the veterinarian, but rather to alert you as to when you need veterinary assistance. Includes chapters on Buying an animal, traveling concerns, restraint, nutrition, herd health, teeth, eyes, wounds, lumps and bumps, skin disorders, lameness, heat and cold problems, respiratory problems, digestive problems, the down llama or alpaca, reproduction, newborn care, mastitis, aging animal, how to give injections, passing a stomach tube and taking a temperature. The appendix includes normal values in llamas and alpacas, measurement equivalents, congenital defects, poisonous plants, fiber and shearing and feed analysis. Spiral bound, 178 pages
c. 1996, Rev, Spiral, S/C...$24.95

Livestock Guardians: Using Dogs, Donkeys & Llamas to Protect Your Herd (Storey's Working Animals)
by: Dohner, Janet Vorwald

Predators are increasing in number and range. These predators pose a serious threat to both farm animals and the financial well-being of the farmers who raise them. Fortunately, there's a solution that is low cost, nonviolent, and highly effective: livestock guardian animals. This book is a comprehensive guide for farmers struggling to reduce predation of sheep, goats, and other livestock. Dohner, who has more than 26 years of experience with guardian animals, helps owners understand the keys to effective livestock protection: careful selection of the right guardian animal, proper guardian livestock bonding, dedicated training, and ongoing problem-solving. Several chapters address the use of guardian dogs; these chapters explain how to evaluate, train, understand, and socialize these hardworking canines, along with info on guardian breeds from around the world. Additional chapters on livestock guardian donkeys and llamas help readers select and train these animals as well. The thorough coverage of livestock guardians includes health care information; breed profiles; case studies of real farmers effectively using guard animals; an appendix with resources, organizations, and Web sites; and a 16-page color photographic insert of guardian breeds. Many B/W illustrations & drawings. 229 pgs.
c. 2007, S/C...$24.95

Llama Reproduction: Neonatal Clinic (2 Videos + Book)
by: Johnson, LaRue W. DVM , PHD

- This program is a videotape of Dr. Johnson's clinic in 1988 at the LANA conference in Redmond, Oregon, augumented with live video footage (including several llama births) illustrating Dr. Johnson's points. Total running time is three & one half hours, in two parts.
- The booklet includes a detailed Table Of Contents to the program for quick reference along with answers to questions, charts, graphs & illustrations. 70 pgs.
2 VHS videos plus booklet, Running time 3 ½ hrs...$95.00
On Sale $66.50

Llamas On The Trail: A Packer's Guide
by: Harmon, David & Rubin, Amy

Covers all the basics - from selecting, training & conditioning, to packing equipment, planning trips, & hitting the trail. B/W photos. 170 pgs.

Making The Most Of Your Llama
by: Beattie, Dr. Linda

Covers everything from birthing and packing to care and understanding. Chapters: getting ready, choosing your llama, keeping your llama healthy, nutrition, breeding & birthing, training ABC's, llama packing & camping, ground driving & more, and troubleshooting. 88 pgs.
c. 1998, 2nd Ed, S/C...$17.95

Medicine & Surgery of Camelids, 3rd Ed
by: Fowler, Murray
Revised edition of: Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids 2nd ed. c.1998. Medicine and Surgery of Camelids is the classic comprehensive reference on llamas, alpacas, vicunas, guanacos, and camels. With information on topics ranging from nutrition and management to infectious diseases and emergency care, this book provides information on the health and maintenance of these species. Updates to the Third Edition include new information on camels; full color throughout; significant revisions to the parentage verification, infectious diseases, anesthesia, restraint, and nutrition sections; and additional information on the alpaca genome. This is an essential resource for practicing veterinarians, zoo veterinarians, and veterinary students. 636 pgs.
c. 2010, 3rd Ed, H/C...$149.99

Stop Spitting At Your Brother: Life Lessons Of A Rocky Mountain Llama
by: White-Crane, Diane

Dudley, a young male llama with an attitude, shares his observations about life as a Rocky Mountain llama through a series of stories, some humorous, some touching, and teaches us almost everything factual you'll ever need to know about llamas. Illustrations. 154 pgs.
c. 1996, S/C...$17.50

Training Llamas To Drive With Bobra Goldsmith (Video)
by: Goldsmith, Bobra
Covers: Preparing the llama for driving, fitting the harness for the first time, the first driving lesson, a technique for learning the touch of the reins, ground driving alone, introducing the llama to the cart, riding in the cart for the first time, driving alone with other llamas, introducing the llama to a new cart, & driving competition. VHS, Approx. 2 hrs.
c. 1989, VHS, 2 hrs...$65.00
Sale $45.50

Veterinary Clinics Of North America Food Animal Practice
Edited by: Johnson, LaRue W
Update on llama medicine. Contains info on: llama nutrition, clinical pathology, neonatology, dermatology, parasites, herd health, reproductive physiology of the male, reprodcutive endocrinology of llamas & alpacas, advanced reproductive technologies in South American camelids, medical problems of llamas, hyperthemia in llamas & alpacas, third compartment ulcers, juvenile llama immunodeficiency syndrome, viral diseases, cardiology, ophthalmology, neurologic diseases of llamas, health care of geriatric llamas & alpacas, congenital defects, & llama handling & training. B/W photos, charts & graphs. 438 pgs.
c. July 1994...H/C...$39.00



Kids Titles: Llama & Alpaca Books


A Llama in the Family
by: Hurwitz, Johanna

A delightful story of a llama that joins a family and antics that follow. Adam dreams of a new bike to ride the Vermont hills near his home. So he's shocked to discover that the stable's new occupant has hooves, not handlebars! It's Ethan Allen, the star of Adam's mother's new llama trekking business. With a llama in the family, anything can and will happen--especially when Adam sets out to double the llama trouble. Ages 9-12.
c.1994, S/C...$3.50

Camels & Llamas At Work (Animals At Work)
Children are fascinated when they see animals working and this new series presents some of their favorite animals "on the job." Camels & llamas serve as traditional pack animals in harsh environments on opposite sides of the world. They also provide entertainment, produce nutrients, and protect other livestock. Learn about the deep traditions that bond these unusual animals to their respective cultures. Color photos. 32 pgs. Ages 9-12.
c. 2006, H/C...$23.95

by: Livingstone, Star

Harley is a young llama who lives on a ranch. Hating the life of a pack animal, he is finally selected to watch over a herd of sheep. The shepherd decides to take a chance on Harley, and the temperamental llama is turned into a loving leader as the seasons go by. Full color illustrations. 62 pgs. Ages 7-10.
c. 2001, H/C...$14.95

I Don't Want to Kiss a Llama!
by: von Rosenberg, Byron

Cute story for young kids. Cute full color pages. 18 pgs. Ages 4-7.
c. 2004, H/C...$9.95

Is Your Mama A Llama?
by: Guarino, Deborah
A young llama searches for his mother by asking his animal friends. 32 pgs. Ages 4-7.
c.1989, S/C...$5.99

Is Your Mama A Llama? (Board Book)
by: Guarino, Deborah
A young llama searches for his mother by asking his animal friends. Ages 2-4.
c.1989, Board Book...$6.99

by: Arnold, Caroline

Photo essay follows a llama through day to day life & behavior. Describes the characteristics and behavior of llamas and their usefulness to man, discusses other members of the lamoid family, and reports on the growing number of llamas now being bred in the United States. 48 pgs. Ages 9-12.

Llama Llama Holiday Drama
by: Dewdney, Anna
It's holiday time and Llama Llama can't wait for Christmas. How many more days again? Snow is falling, lights are sparkling, and Llama Llama is waiting. Cookies are baking, a warm fire is blazing, and Llama Llama is waiting. Llama Llama can't wait anymore!!! It's Mama Llama to the rescue in this warm-hearted, true-to-life holiday drama. 32 pages
c. 2010, H/C... $16.99

Llama Llama Home With Mama
by: Dewdney, Anna

Llama Llama's mother takes good care of him when he has to stay home from school because he is sick, but when Mama Llama begins to feel sick, too, Llama Llama knows how to take care of her. 34 pages
c. 2011, H/C... $17.99

Llama Llama Mad At Mama
by: Dewdney, Anna

It's Saturday, and Mama has just a litle shopping to do wit Llama Llama. Bread and pasta, socks ad shoes. Up one aisle. Down another. Mama has a long shipping list...Is Llama Llama having a good time? NO! Before Mama llama knows it, everytjing she put in the shopping cart is now flying out of it! Llama Llama is mad! He doesn't want to be shopping - he wants to be playing. It's another Llama drama! Can Mama Llama fix it? Yes!!! 32 pages
c. 2007, H/C... $16.99

Llama Llama Misses Mama
by: Dewdney, Anna

Time to get up, get dressed and get going, because it's Llama Llama's first day of school! Meet the teachers, find new friends, but wait...why is Mama Llama leaving? It's too much for little Llama... Llama Llama misses Mama! Anyone who loves their mama will relate to Llama Llama in this sweet and satisfying story of a child's first day of school. 32 pages
c. 2009, H/C... $16.99

Llama Llama Nighty-Night
by: Dewdney, Anna

Say nighty-night with Llama Llama and get ready for bed and sweet dreams. This board book is just right for little hands and sure to bring big smiles! Ages 2-4.
c. 2012, Board Book... $5.99

Llama Llama Red Pajama
by: Dewdney, Anna

A bedtime story. A good-night kiss. And Mama Llama turns off the light. But is everything all right? NO! At least, Baby Llama doesn't think so...And soon his whimpers turn to hollers. It's an all-out llama drama! Until Mama returns to set things right. 32 pages, Ages 2 and up
c. 2005, H/C... $16.99

Llama Llama Time to Share
by: Dewdney, Anna

Llama Llama doesn't want to share his toys with his new neighbors. But when fighting leads to broken toys and tears. Cute color illustration Ages 3-5.
c. 2012, H/C... $17.99

Llama Llama Wakey-Wake
by: Dewdney, Anna

Wake up with Llama Llama and get going on your busy day. This board book is just right for little hands and sure to bring big smiles. Ages 2-4.
c. 2012, Board Book... $5.99

by: Kienlen, Helen

Colorfully illustrated story relating information on llamas. 16 pgs. Ages 7-10.

Llamas (A True Book)
by: Lepthien, Emilie

Describes the physical characteristics and habits of llamas and their relatives, and the ways they have been used throughout history, particularly by the Incas. 48 pgs. Ages 8-10.

Llamas of South America
by: Conklin, Gladys

Describes the history of the vicuna, alpaca, llama and guanaco and their place in the folklore, communities and cultures of South America. 64 pages. Ages 8 & up.
c. 1975, H/C... $12.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Good, Ex-Library with usual library markings

Secret Of The Andes
by: Clark, Ann Nolan

Fictional account of living with llamas. A modern Inca boy herds llamas in a beautiful hidden valley of Peru. 130 pgs. Ages 10 & up.
c. 1952, H/C...$15.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Ex-Library, Very Good with Dust Jacket

Secret Of The Andes
by: Clark, Ann Nolan

Fictional account of living with llamas. A modern Inca boy herds llamas in a beautiful hidden valley of Peru. 128 pgs. Ages 10 & up.
c. 1986, S/C...$3.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Tomasito & The Golden Llamas
by: Castellanos, Jane

How a Peruvian boy manages to adjust to a new way of life in Parson's Flat, California. 157 pgs. Ages 10-14.
c. 1968, H/C...$15.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited



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