"Australian Wildlife - Proceedings #104"

Table Of Contents

Chapter & Author

1 Introduction
Prescott C W

2 Reptiles
Prescott C W

3 Peculiarities of Marsupials
Samuel J

4 Capture & Restraint of Injured Australian Mammals
Finnie E P

5 Macropods - Care, Feeding and Husbandry
Christian P

6 Care & Husbandry of other Australian Mammals
Finnie E P

7 Care & Husbandry of Wild Birds
Wilson P D

8 The Handling and Management of Reptiles
Shield J

9 Diseases of Macropods
Christian P

10 Diseases and Injuries of other Australian Mammals
Finnie E P

11 Reptiles
Wilson P D

12 Anaesthesia and Surgery
Wilson P D

13 Bats
Wilson P D

14 Diseases and Injuries in Birds
Wilson P D

15 Rehabilitation of Birds
Perry R A

16 Clinical Assessment, Diseases and Management of the Orphaned Macropod Joey
Speare R

17 Marsupial Diseases
Munday B L

18 Feeding Recently-wild Fauna
Frazer-Oakley T

19 Veterinary Therapy of Wildlife Rescued from Bushfires
Frazer-Oakley T

20 Release of Wildlife - some prior considerations
Frazer-Oakley T

21 Joeys - a clinical appraisal
Frazer-Oakley T

22 The Platypus - General Biology
Grant T R

23 The Husbandry & Diseases of Raptors
Jakob-Hoff R M

24 The Biology of Australian Bats
Hall L S

25 Management and Disease Control in a Captive Population of Cetaceans and Pinnapeds
Fay F

26 Notes on the Biology of the Echidna
Augee M L

27 Australia's Kangaroos: their management, the public debate, and a plan for the future
Grigg G C

28 Epidemiology and Control of Chlamydial Disease in Koalas
Brown A S

29 Field Investigations into Chlamydial Disease in Koalas in Victoria
Handasyde K A, Martin R W & Lee A K

30 Veterinary Treatment of Bats
Wilson P D

31 Digestive Physiology and Nutrition of Australian Marsupials
Hume I D

32 Reproduction Physiology of Marsupials
Renfree M B

33 Veterinary Aspects of Cetacean Strandings
Obendorf D L & Arundel J H

34 Parrot Diseases and Nutrition
Gill J

35 Life Histories of Marsupials, with particular reference to the Life History of the Koala
Lee A K

36 Environment and Management Factors in Diseases of Fish
Langdon J S

37 The Pathogenesis of Urogenital Tract Disease in the Koala
Obendorf D L

38 Prokaryotic & Viral Diseases of Birds
Mackenzie J S

39 Causes of Mortality of Little Penguins
Harrigan K E

40 Diagnosis, Control & Treatment of Diseases of Fish
Humphrey J D

41 The Monotremes in Health & Disease
Whittington R J

42 Anaesthesia of Native Mammals & Birds
Tribe A

43 Management of Cetacean Strandings
Warneke R

44 Husbandry & Diseases of Captive Reptiles
McCracken H

45 Management of Feral Animals and Vertebrate Pests
Wilson G R

46 Feral Mammals/Exotic Diseases
Snowdon W A

47 Little Penguins and Their Food
Cullen J M

48 Application of Conservation Genetics to the Management of Captive Populations of Native Species
George G G



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