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America's Neighborhood Bats
by: Tuttle, Merlin D
A wealth of information about bat behavior & biology. Color photos. 96 pgs.
c. 1988...S/C...$9.95

Bat: Wings in the Night Sky
by: M. Brock Fenton
Written by one of the foremost authorities on bats, this book describes some of the remarkable scientific discoveries that have been made about these mysterious creatures. From how they see with their ears to where they roost during the day. In addition to a detailed discussion of the bat's diet, anatomy and behavior, the author recalls his personal adventures with bats in locales around the world. Excellent color photogrpahs. 144 pgs.
c. 1998...S/C...$19.95

Bat In My Pocket: A Memorable Friendship
by: Lollar, Amanda

True story of the author taking in & caring for an injured bat - leading to a rapport with one of the world's most maligned & misunderstood creatures. This book also demonstrates that bats are one of the farmers' best friends. Any creature that will eat 3000 to 7000 insects per night, inclusing mosiquitoes, is a good neighbor. Includes a special feature: plans for building a bat house for your own backyard. Illustrated. 87 pgs.
c. 1992, P/B...$9.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good, like new except for name inside front cover

Batman: Exploring the World of Bats
by: Pringle, Laurence

Traces Merlin Tutle's (the man who founded Bat Conservation International) fascination with bats. Superb color photos. 42 pgs.
c. 1991, H/C...$12.50

Bats (Blue Cover Edition)
by: Allen, Glover Morrill

This Dover edition, first published in 1962, is an unabridged & unaltered republication of the work first published by the Harvard University Press in 1939. It covers: Folklore, strange uses for bats, bats as pets, bats as food, where bats hide, where bats live, bat flowers, wings in the dark, color in bats, bats' teeth & their meaning, ancient lineage, geographic distribution of bats, social habits, migration, breeding habits & young of bats, hibernation, enemies, parasites, bats in relation to disease, & the caves of Yporanga. B/W photos. 358 pgs.
c. 1939, S/C...$17.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Good, inside pages are in excellent condition, outside shows wear & creases on cover

by: Richardson, Phil

Evolution, structure, breeding, roosts, travles, conservation, health, myths.

Bats: A Portrait Of The Animal World
by: Cleave, Andrew
The story of one of nature's most misunderstood creatures in all its variety of forms, habits, and behavior, vividly detailed with a lively text and 80 full-color photographs. 72 pgs.
c. 1999, H/C...$15.00

Bats In Question: The Smithsonian Answer Book
by: Don E. Wilson
Written in a thoroughly indexed question and answre format, this book tells you all about bats including biological factors, evolutionary history, impact on eceosystems, habits, feeding, bats and humans, conservation and how to study bats. Also includes a list of all bat species of the world with their scientific name, common name and conservation status.Over 100 color photos. 168 pgs.
c. 1997...S/C...$24.95

Bats Of Europe & North America
by: Schober, Wilfred & Grimmberger, Eckard
Life of bats, where they live, hunting & echolocation, social behavior, hibernation, banding, protecting bats, identification of species. Line drawings & over 90 Full color photos. 239 pgs.
c. 1997, H/C...$29.95

Bats Of The World (Golden Guide)
by: Gary L. Graham
Pocket size identification and information guide on bats of the world. Covers the natural history and evolution of bats, important identifying features, habitats, migration patterns, common mating practices, and the status of various endangered bat species. Includes plans to build a bat house. Color illustrations and photos. 160 pgs.

Bats (Mammal Society)
by: Waters, Dean & Warren, Ruth
Association & relatives, biology of bats, British bats, roosting behavior, bats through the year, looking for bats, bats & the law (in the UK), bats & rabies, conservation. Color photos. 32 pgs.
c. 2003, Booklet...$9.50

Building Bat Houses
by: Gelfand, Dale
Benefits of bats, bats & human health, attracting bats, bat-proofing your home, bat species distribution, bat house construction, bat house plans, bat-proofing materials & suppliers, bat conservation resources. 32 pgs.
c. 1997...Booklet...$3.95

Just Bats
by: Fenton, M. Brock

Flight, echolocation, seeing, smelling, diet, energy and survival, roosts, sctivity, migration, navigation, reproduction, populations, predation, parasites, behavior, sex, public health, keeping bats out, conservation. B/W photos & line drawings. 165 pgs.
c. 1983, S/C...$17.95

Long-Eared Bats
by: Swift, Susan

Chapters on: History of the species, distribution, close relatives, recognition, ears, eyes, nostrils, chromosomes, wings and flight, echolocation, diet, foraging behavior, reproduction, social organization & behavior, population biology, hibernation, bats & humans. Charts, maps, line drawings, color photos. 182 pgs.
c. 1998, H/C...$33.95

Silently, By Night
by: Peterson, Russell

All about the little known, but fascinating world of bats. Line drawings. 227 pgs.
c. 1964, H/C...$20.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Stokes Beginner's Guide to Bats
by: Kim Williams, Rob Mies, Donald Stokes & Lillian Stokes
Easy-to-use refernce guide covers 45 species of bats in North America, including all of the endangered species; has user-friendly color tab index for quick reference; brilliant full color phtographs of each species; information about the benefits of bats; up-to-date range maps; plans for building a bat house and other ways to attract bats; details on habitat, bat biology, food preferences, and much more. Color photos. 160 pgs.
c. 2002...S/C...$8.95

Vacationer's Guide To Bat Watching
by: Bat Conservation International

More than seventy parks, zoos, and other sites are listed in this new BCI book, which shows where you can go in the United States and Canada to view both captive and wild bats. The book gives details for each site, including park hours, admission fees, and resident bat species, as well as general information related to bat watching. 95 pgs.
c. 1998, S/C, Spiral...$10.95

by: Brown, David

Vampire bat in fact & fiction, natural history, feeding behavior, sex life.

Walker's Bats Of The World
by: Nowak, Ronald

Identification & information guide to the bats of the world. Includes general info on their physical traits, habitat, activity, behavior, feeding habits, reproduction, social life & more. Hundreds of B/W photos. 287 pgs.

World Of Bats: The Flying Goblins Of The Night
by: Richarz, Klaus

History, flight, echolocation, hunting strategies, a bats life, social relationships, winter roosts, migration, bats & humans, conservation, species description & range maps. Contains explicit descriptions & illustrations dealing with mating behavior of bats. Color photos & B/W illustrations. 192 pgs.



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