Camel Signs

All signs are made of All Weather Aluminum for outdoor use and will not rust.

Mounting Tip: Use ALUMINUM bolts, screws or nails...
this will keep the face of your sign pretty and free from rusty streaks.

Safety Yellow Xing Signs

Camel Xing
Size: 12" x 12"
Item #: NB671
Price: $24.00

Camel Information Sign
Camels, the largest member of the Camelid family, are known as Ships of the Desert. Their ability to travel long distances on little water have made them the perfect mode of transportation in their native wild regions. The two types of camels are easily distinguished by the number of humps on their back. The Bactrain, from Mongolia and China, have two humps. Also a denser hair coat to accomodate the cold conditions in their mountainous homeland. The Dromedary, from the Arabian Pennisula, have one hump and a shorter hair coat adapted to the hot desert conditions. Camels are popular as riding animals and their milk is in great demand. After a 13 month gestation period, a single calf is born.
Size: 12" x 18"
Item #: NB146XXX
Price: $27.00
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