Donkey & Mule Stuffed Animals

Bordon Burro
Soft, silky stuffed burro with distinctive details. Machine washable.
Size: 8"
Item #: D4059
Price: $10.95
Yakety Donald Donkey
From Mary Meyer's 'Yakety' Collection - Give it a gentle squeeze and listen to it hee-haw.
No loud calls, but parent-friendly sounds that everyone will enjoy.
Size: 8"
Item #: MM53350
Price: $10.00
DonkeyBelly Donkey
From Mary Meyer's 'Pufferbelly' Collection - A super soft cute plush donkey.
It's feet are filled with beans
Size: 7" tall
Item #: MM53940
Price: $6.95
Ernest The Donkey
Our adorable new Ernest stuffed animal is the perfect addition to every Ernest collection! This soft, huggable 9” plush animal is a must for every Ernest fan.
Other items in the Ernest collection include: a Series of Ernest books & Ernest Christmas cards.
Size: 9"
Item #: BB00200
Price: $13.95

Each Sold Seperately

Ultra Soft Plush Donkeys
from the Harmony Creations Collection
Ultra Super Soft, Fiber-filled
Their butt's are filled with beans to help them sit.
Grey with cream colored belly & face, black hooves,
and wearing a brown plaid bandana.
Comes in 2 styles and 4 Sizes:
Item #: USP-15: 14" Standing, $15.95 SOLD OUT
Item #: USP-16: 15" Sitting, $15.95 SOLD OUT
Item #: USP-17: 10" Standing, $10.95
Item #: USP-18: 12" Sitting, $10.95 SOLD OUT
Sold Seperately
Discontinued, Quantities Limited

Rope Dog Toy Donkey
Your dog will love this toy! Squeeze his belly and he squeeks.
The donkey is 10" tall and has a 2 foot rope to play tug o' war with your dog.
Item #: PSI
Price: $8.95
Talking Donkey Dog Toy
Look who's talking! The dog toy that speaks for itself.
Squeeze him to hear him Hee-Haw.
Size: 8 ½" tall
Item #: 27161
Price: $9.95
Lefty the Donkey Beanie (2000 Edition)
Retired Ty Beanie Baby.
Filled with beans
Size: 5"
Item #: TYBB00
Price: $9.95
Lefty the Donkey Beanie (2008 Edition)
Retired Ty Beanie Baby.
Filled with beans
Size: 5"
Item #: TYBB08
Price: $9.95
Lefty the Donkey Buddy
Retired Ty Beanie Buddy.
Soft & cuddly
Size: 10"
Item #: TYLBD
Price: $14.95
Pancho Dream Pet Donkey
What is your dream pet? How about this whimsical velveteen stuffed donkey.
Stands 7" high
Item #: DP18
Price: $7.99
Hawaiian Bean Bag Donkey
Comes wearing a lei and a pack labeled Kona Coffee.
Includes a passport explaining the history of the donkey in Hawaii,
its' place of birth and birthdate.
Approx. 8" long
Item #: HC27041
Price: $7.95
Plush Santa Donkey
Comes dressed with a red stocking cap and scarf.
Size: 10" high
Item #: WSD
Price: $11.95
Western Style Donkey w/Hat & Bandana
Comes dressed with a removable black cowboy hat and removeable bandana.
Sits approx. 10" high
Item #: WHD
Price: $11.95
10" Donkey
Cute 10" donkey. Same donkey as above, but with no apparel.
Item #: WND
Price: $8.95
Sale Price: $5.95



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