Bottle Brushes - Set of 3
Soft Tip Bottle Brushes - Set of 3
Pack of three brushes is perfect for cleaning small bottles.
The smallest brush fits well into our 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml bottles shown above.
They can also be used for cleaning craft projects and other delicate hobby items.
Microfiber tips.
Brush sizes:
3", 4", 5"
Item # CB20530
$11.95 set of 3

Long Handle Bottle Brush

Long Handle Bottle Brush
The long handle on this brush is great for cleaning out long and narrow containers, water bottles, vases, pitchers and more.
Loop on handle for easy storage.
Size 14" long
Item # CB15962
$5.49 each


Heavy Duty Scrub Brush

Heavy Duty Scrub Brush
5" long with loop handle
Dishwasher safe.
Item # CB15830
$5.95 each


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