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Pet Transport Stretcher
This stretcher allows for two or more people to carry an animal without risking further injury or trauma. It is ideal for transporting weak or unconscious animals.
• Six handles for balance and support
• Handles covered with neoprene sleeves for comfort
• Removable velcro retaining strap in middle for security
• Has been used for years for Newfoundlands!
• Material: Sturdy, lightweight Packcloth
• Tested to 250 pounds
SIZE: 47"L X 29"W
Item #36002100C
Pill Gun
Four Paws Pill Dispenser For Pets
This convenient pill dispenser is the quickest and easiest way to administer oral medications to dogs, cats, and other small animals . Designed and recommended by veterinarians, the Quick & Easy Pill Dispenser maximizes control and ensures a controlled dosage.

Item #FP01915
Power Scoop
Kitty Litter Scoop
This is a patented, battery operated, super sifter Litter Scooper. Heavy duty, Litter Scooper saves time and money as well as being cleaner and easier to use. Battery operated, push button controlled motor generates a high-speed vibrational sifting action which swiftly and completely separates clumps and other matter from clean unused litter resulting in less waste. Unique full-round, raised, contoured handle gives superior comfort and a secure grip.
Runs on a single AA battery which lasts 4-6 months.

Item #81499
Four Paws Love Glove
Conveniently fits any size hand and easily fastens with a Velcro strap.
The Love Glove removes dead unwanted hair while gently massaging the pet. Dead hair easily peels off the Love Glove's soft rubber tips. Also great for removing hair from furniture and carpet.

Item #FP1860

Item #810131
Dog Adjustable Size Shedding Blade
3-in-1 Grooming Set
Bamboo Brand
Ideal for removing large volumes of dead hair and reducing shedding around the house, the double-sided blade features both coarse and fine teeth. Unique looped blade conveniently slides in and out of handle to create a variety of sizes suitable for large or tight grooming areas as well as multiple pets. The blade also separates at the handle for straight-bladed operation when covering larger expanses and to sweep excess water from a pet's coat after bathing. Cushioned, non-slip handle provides comfortable, secure grip.

Item #810131

Item #810131



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