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Chick Days: An absolute beginner's guide to raising chickens from hatchlings to laying hens
by: Woginrich, Jenna
Ooffers a highly entertaining and informative photographic guide for today’s fledgling chick parent. Fun for the complete newbie and for families with young children, Chick Days chronicles the journey of three chickens from newly hatched fluffy butterballs to grown hens laying eggs. Day by day and week by week, readers watch the three starring chickens grow and change, learning about chicken behavior, feeding requirements, housing, hygiene, and health-care essentials, and fun facts on all things poultry. A visual diary from Day 1 to Month 6. 128 pages. Color photos
2010, S/C $14.95

Chicken Coops: 45 Building Plans for Housing Your Flock
by: Pangman, Judy

Whether you are keeping one hen in a small back-yard or 1000 hens in a large free-range pasture, you'll find the perfect housing plan in this book. You'll also find plans for converting trailer frames, greenhouses and backyard sheds; low budget alternatives for working with recycled materials; and simple ways to make waterers, feeders and nestboxes. Easily follow how-to drawings and step-by-step instructions for 45 coop designs. Illustrations throughout with a full-color 16 page insert. 166 pgs.
c. 2006, S/C...$19.95

Chicken Encyclopedia: An Illustrated Reference
by: Damerow, Gail

From addled to wind egg, crossed beak to zygote, if it concerns chickens, it's covered in this comprehensive encyclopedia. The terminology of everything chicken is demystified in The Chicken Encyclopedia, a comprehensive A-to-Z reference volume presented in a friendly, highly illustrated format. Chickophiles will find breed descriptions; definitions of the most common conditions, situations, characteristics, and behaviors of chickens; and much more. Whether it’s the difference between wry tail, split tail, and gamy tail; the meaning of hen feathered, forced molt, or quill feather; the characteristics of droopy wing; the content of granite grit; or the translation of a chicken’s alarm call, here are all the answers to every chicken question and quandary, from the practical to the curious.Now you can find the answers to all your chicken questions quickly, easily - and accompanied by illustrations. 319 pages
c. 2012, S/C... $19.95

Chicken Handbook
by: Head, Vivian

A practical guide to keeping hens and other fine feathered friends. Keeping poultry is not just for country dwellers, as a small garden and plenty of determination can make this dream a reality - even in the inner city. Covers everything you need to know - from choosing your breed and preparing your chicken house to establishing your flock and reaping the benefits of fresh produce. Illustrated throughout. 160 pages
c. 2012, S/C... $12.95

Chicken Health Handbook
by: Damerow, Gail

Teaches you how to: hatch healthy chicks, provide proper nutrition, fight parasites, spot diseases & infections in their early stages, protect flocks from predators, and build safe houses & yards. It also helps pinpoint common symptoms & causes of diseases with traetments & remedies. B/W photos & illustrations. 344 pgs.

Chicken Tractor (Straw Bale Edition)
by: Andy Lee & Pat Foreman
Gardener's guide to happy hens and healthy soil. A chicken tractor is a bottless portable pen that fits over your garden beds. The chickens scratch & peck the soil to clean your beds, eat pest bugs and weed seeds, and fertilize the beds. Learn all about building tractors, making money, raising Thanksgiving turkeys yourself, build better gardens, and much more. B/W photos & illustrations. 318 pgs.
c. 2000...S/C...$19.95

Chickens (Hobby Farms): Tending a Small-Scale Flock For Pleasure & Profit
by: Weaver, Sue

A must have guide for both new and experienced farmers. Learn to: select and purchase the right breed; construct predator proof fencing & housing; keep poultry healthy; raise healthy chicks with or without a hen; spots symptoms of common diseases, market and sell frsh eggs; explore chicken resources and web sites; and much more. Color photos. 144 pgs.
c. 2005, S/C...$14.95

Chickens (Popular Farming Series Magazine)
by: Hobby Farms Magazine Editors

The Popular Farming® Series is a collection of magabooks™ that provides valuable information to those who already have a small farm as well as those who are pondering the big move to the country. Chickens has everything you need to know to start raising chickens or to embark on a new adventure with your flock. With beautiful photos and in-depth articles, Chickens is a must for any poultry enthusiast’s or small farmer’s library. Contents: Around the World in 80 Centuries; Chicken Breeds A to Z; Pickin’ Chickens; Chicken Psychology 101; Crack Open the Joy of Hatching; Resources; Chicken Chores: The Daily Scratch; Stop Thief; Coop du Jour; Takin’ Care of (a Poultry) Business; Top 12 Chicken Ailments; Gone Organic; Chicken Fun; Country Classics & Lighter Fare; Why We Love Them; Includes a Glossary & list of Resources. 128 pgs.
c. 2007, Vol 1, Magazine...$9.99

Chickens: The Essential Guide to Choosing & Keeping Happy, Healthy Hens
by: Baldwin, Suzie
Keeping chickens is fun, relaxing, and low maintenance, plus you have the added benefit of your own known source of fresh eggs. In Chickens, poultry breeders Graham Page and Suzie Baldwin offer a practical guide to everything the beginner needs to know, from whether to buy chicks or hens, what varieties to chose, how to tell if you're buying a healthy chicken and how to ensure it stays that way, to how many chickens you should keep, and what kind of coop to buy. They also answer all the questions commonly posed by first-time owners, from whether chickens ever fly away and how quickly they will start laying, to how to prevent them being attacked by foxes and what to do when they become unwell. Color photos. 142 pgs
c. 2012, S/C... $22.95

Chickens At Home (Gold Cockerel Series)
by: Roberts, Michael & Victoria

A practical guide to keeping & rearing laying hens and bantams. Chapters: expenses; type of hen; verandah system; fold system; house with permanent rub; deep litter system; general management; hatching; rearing; diseases & ailments. B/W photos & illustrations. 49 pgs.
c.1998, 7th Ed, S/C...$19.95

Chickens At Home (Gold Cockerel Series)
by: Roberts, Michael & Victoria

A practical guide to keeping & rearing laying hens and bantams. Chapters: expenses; type of hen; verandah system; fold system; house with permanent rub; deep litter system; general management; hatching; rearing; diseases & ailments. B/W photos & illustrations. Also includes a chapter on showiing & exhibiting your birds. 62 pgs.
c.2002, 9th Ed, S/C...$19.95

Chickens At Home (Gold Cockerel Series)
by: Roberts, Michael & Victoria

A practical guide to keeping & rearing laying hens and bantams. One of the easiest books to follow on keeping chickens or bantams in your garden, orchard or smallholding. Chapters: expenses; type of hen; verandah system; fold system; house with permanent rub; deep litter system; general management; hatching; rearing; diseases & ailments. With over 125,000 copies sold this is a must for all chicken owners. Reprinted with new colour photographs (10th edition). 60 pgs
c. 2009, 10th ed, S/C... $19.95

Chickens In Your Backyard: A Beginner's Guide
by: Luttmann, Rick & Gail
This book covers all the basics in a light & entertaining style, from housing & feeding through incubating, bringing up chicks, butchering, and raising chickens for show. B/W line drawings. 157 pgs.
c. 1976, S/C...$12.95

Choosing & Raising Chickens
by: Hobson, Jeremy & Lewis, Celia
Complete Guide to Breeds and Welfare. Discover which breeds are best suited to you and your lifestyle. Detailed statistics and information cover everything from egg-laying to ease of keeping for over 70 different breeds of chicken. Keeping chickens is fun and low maintenance, suitable for both urban areas and country gardens and can save you money on buying eggs. 160 pages, color photos
2009, S/C...$19.99

City Chicks
by: Foreman, Patricia

Keeping micro-flocks of laying hens as garden helpers, compost makers, bio-recyclers & local food suppliers. Chickens have become the mascot of the local food movement. A desire for sustainable, clean, wholesome food and superior soil quality has led more and more suburban and city dwellers to keep laying hens in their backyards and gardens. Learn how you can: • Be close to your food source with a continuous supply of fresh, heart-healthy eggs to feed yourself and others. • Take the best care of your chickens and find out where to buy them. • Learn how to be a chicken whisperer. • Improve your garden soil for super yields, superior flavor, and optimal nutrition. • Recycle food, grass clippings and yard waste, make compost and help reduce trash going to landfills, saving millions of municipal taxpayer dollars. • Help save millions of municipal tax payer dollars by diverting food and yard waste from landfills; instead create compost - with the help of your flock. • Raise baby chicks with items you already have. • Avoid getting roosters and why you don't want them. And much more! By the co-author of Chicken Tractor, Backyard Market Gardening and Day Range Poultry. City Chicks is a remarkable trend-setting book for poultry lovers and urban agriculturists. B/W photos. 459 pgs.
c. 2009, S/C...$22.50

Complete Idiot's Guide to Raising Chickens
by: Belanger, Jerome

Everything you need to know to care for your own flock of chickens. Includes:tips for setting up shop, including what costs you can expect, how much space you need and what kind of housing your chickens will require; advice on finding and buying your first chickens-the best breeds, classes and ages for you; lowdown on chicken development, from egg to egg-layer and guidance on keeping your birds happy and healthy at every stage of life; ideas for making money raising your flock and resources for showing your chickens. 190 pages
c. 2010, S/C...$14.95

Courage: The Story Of Modern Cockfighting
by: Pridgen, Tim

A well-illustrated study of a sport which, the author notes, "is firmly rooted in the age-old habits of the race...with those who deeply love the sport it lies close to the instinctive processes". B/W photos. 263 pgs.
c. 1938, H/C...$75.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Near mint, no dust jacket, no writing, no marks

Crested Bantams
by: Brenneman, Lynn

Polish, Houdan, other breeds, health problems, care of the crest, & breeding.

Day Range Poultry
by: Lee, Andy & Foreman, Patricia
Every chicken owner's guide to grazing gardens and improving pastures. How to raise thanksgiving turkeys for yourself and others, build & regenerate soils using natural fertilizer deposited directly from your chickens to your soil, learn the secrets to incubation & hatching, process poultry cheaper and profitably, sell eggs & meat with that old-fashioned flavor and homegrown goodness. B/W photos. 308 pgs.
c. 2002, S/C...$22.00

Diseases of Free-Range Poultry
by: Victoria Roberts, BVSc, MRCVS
Includes hens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pheasants, guinea fowl, quail and wild waterfowl. Knowledge of how a bird's body system is given to help explain why certain conditions are likely to occur. Various functions are described in simple language. A chart of common disorders enables you to track down from the symptoms what may ail your bird. Includes a glossary, an appendices for a medicine cupboard, classification of breeds, pure-breed laying capabilities, and management & feeding. Color photos & B/W line drawings. 152 pgs.
c. 2000, H/C...$29.95

Domestic & Ornamental Fowl
by: Porter, Valerie

Physiology, behavior, nutrition, housing, health, breeding, species.

Ducks, Geese & Turkeys For Anyone
Roberts, Victoria
Identification of 45 different breeds, with information of each breed's history, its characteristics, its utility, and its special requirements. Also includes egg production, show preparation, housing & management, and common diseases. Color photos. 128 pgs.
c. 2002, H/C...$38.95

Early Embryology Of The Chick
by: Patten, Bradley

Gametes, fertilization, germ layers, primitive streak, structure to 4 days. B/W illustrations, color plates.
c. 1950, H/C...$27.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Conditon: Very Good

Eggs & Chickens
by: Vivian, John

Chicken breeds, brooding and early care, henhouse furniture, feeders, producing your own feed. 26 pgs.
c. 1978, Booklet...$3.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Encyclopedia Of Historic & Endangered Livestock & Poultry Breeds
by: Dohner, Janet Vorwald
Complete information on the history, characteristics, qualities, and traits of 138 endangered livestock breeds (Goats, Sheep, Swine, Cattle, Equines), and 53 poultry breeds (Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, Geese). Includes where these breeds can be seen today, the degree of rarity of each breed in the US, UK, and Canada, information on feral livestock populations, 160 color photos and over 80 B/W photos and historical illustrations. 514 pgs.
c. 2001, H/C...$80.00

Extra Extra Ordinary Chickens
by: Green-Armytage, Stephen

The first book, Extra Ordinary Chickens was such a hugh success, the author has done it again. This unique book provides a window into the world of exotic chickens. With gorgeous color photos and lively text, this book surveys many breeds from around the world. Over 200 color photos. 112 pgs.
c. 2005, H/C...$24.95

Extraordinary Chickens
by: Green-Armytage, Stephen
This book provides a glorious window into the world of exotic chickens. Gorgeous color photos and informative text, the author describes many unusual breeds from around the world. 179 photos. 112 pgs.
c. 2000, H/C...$24.95

Fairest Fowl: Portraits of Championship Chickens
by: Glass, Ira
Photographer Tamara Staples celebrates the champions of the chicken world at their best. Dozens of fashion-runway-style portraits capture the quirky personality and undeniable grace of these noble birds. Superb full-page color photos. 106 pgs.
c. 2001, S/C...$14.95

Field Guide to Chickens
by: Percy, Pam

Profiles of the American Poultry Association's 61 chicken breeds, complete with brief histories and a listing of characteristics such as combs, tail feathers and egg size and color. Also includes eye-catching color photographs of every breed from utilitarian egg layers to exotic show birds to accompany the text. 144 pages
c. 2006, H/C... $19.95

Free-Range Chicken Gardens: How to Create a Beautiful, Chicken-Friendly Yard
by: Bloom, Jessi

Many gardeners fear chickens will peck away at their landscape, and chicken lovers often shy away from gardening for the same reason. But you can keep chickens and have a beautiful garden, too! Fresh eggs aren't the only benefit — chickens can actually help your garden grow and thrive, even as your garden does the same for your chickens. In this essential handbook, award-winning garden designer Jessi Bloom covers everything a gardener needs to know, including chicken-keeping basics, simple garden plans to get you started, tips on attractive fencing options, the best plants and plants to avoid, and step-by-step instructions for getting your chicken garden up and running. For anyone who wants a fabulous garden where colorful chickens happily roam, Free-Range Chicken Gardens is the guide that will bring the dream home to roost. Illustrated 224 pgs.
c. 2012, S/C... $19.95

Free-Range Poultry
by: Thear, Katie
Practical & comprehensive guide to the free-range management of chickens, on any scale. Traces the history and development of domestic fowl, from the Red Jungle Fowl of Thailand, through the traditional pure breeds to the highly developed hybrids of today's free-range sector. Breeds, old & new, illustrated in color. Advice on the best choice of birds for specific purposes, including egg production, table bird production, breeding to show standards and general interest poultry keeping. Every aspect of poultry husbandry is covered. Color pictures, B/W drawings, tables, charts & graphs. 181 pgs.
c. 2002, 3rd Ed...H/C...$38.95

Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens... Naturally
by: Steele, Lisa

More than ever, Americans care about the quality and safety of the food they eat. They're bringing back an American tradition: raising their own backyard chickens for eggs and companionship. And they care about the quality of life of their chickens. Fresh Eggs Daily is an authoritative, accessible guide to coops, nesting boxes, runs, breeding, feed, and natural health care with time-tested remedies. The author promotes the benefits of keeping chickens happy and well-occupied, and in optimal health, free of chemicals and antibiotics. She emphasizes the therapeutic value of herbs and natural supplements to maintaining a healthy environment for your chickens. Includes many "recipes" and 8 easy DIY projects for the coop and run. Full color photos throughout. The USDA's new study of urban chicken raising sees a 400% increase in backyard chickens over the next 5 years, driven by younger adults. Color. 142 pgs
c. 2013, H/C... $17.95

Genetics of the Old English Game Bantam
by: Shelton, Timothy

Genetics of the Old English Game Bantams is the MUST HAVE book that ALL poultry enthusiast, hobbyists, and breeders should read. It is well written and easy to understand. If you have an interest in color patterns, comb types and morphological characters this book will lead you down the correct path to making your own experiments and crosses. Get your copy today, sit back, crack open the cover and you will not be able to put it down. You will want it by your side for all your genetics questions and experiments. 61 pgs.
c. 2010, S/C... $34.99

Guinea Fowl
by: Van Hoesen, Roy & Stromberg

Characteristics, habits, raising, feeding, mating, sexing, housing. B/W photos. 92 pgs.

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