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102 Bird Houses, Feeders You Can Make
by: Sibley, Hi

Project book provides patterns for house and feeder styles suited for many different kinds of birds. Very detailed instructions. 96 pgs.
c. 1980, S/C... $7.00
Used, Out-Of-Print

Condition: like new

Animal Hats: Frog Hats, Elephant Hats, Cat Hats, and More
by: Mooncie, Vanessa

Gather knitting know-how for making animal hats of all shapes and sizes. The book features detailed knitting patterns, schematics, and basic animal hat-making techniques--plus how-to instruction for adding a fleecy hat-lining for extra coziness. There are patterns for every animal-lover. Animals included are cat, dog, chicken, rabbit, pig, frog, penguin, cow, elephant, fox, koala, monkey, panda, lion, and mouse. Patterns offer both child and adult sizes, so family members can each have their own hat. Color 127 pgs
c. 2013, S/C... $15.95

Art of Soap Making (Harrowsmith Contemporary Primer)
by: Mohr, Merilyn

Merilyn Mohr has created a complete introduction to the art of home soapmaking - a craft that appeals both to our sense of economy and to our sense of simple esthetics. 127 pgs
c. 1979, reprinted 1995, S/C... $9.95

Arts & Crafts Of Hawaii: Twined Baskets (Vol. IV)
by: Te Rangi Hiroa
The definitive work on Hawaiian material culture. Peter H. Buck, director of Bishop Museum from 1936 until his death in 1951, divided Hawaiian material culture into 13 major groupings, now reprinted in 13 separate publications plus an index to the complete set. Meticulous and detailed, his descriptions of traditional objects include methods of construction and use. His painstaking accounts are, in many cases, specific enough to allow modern artisans to recreate these works.
Chapters include: Chapters include: material, terminology, techniques, basket types, color decoration, evolution of twined baskets. B/W photos & illustrations. 29 pgs.
c. 1957, Reprint, S/C...$8.95

Arts & Cratfs of Hawaii
by: Hiroa, Te Rangi (Sir Peter H. Buck)

Meticulously detailed and well illustrated, former Bishop Museum Director Te Rangi Hiroa (Sir Peter H Buck) guides the reader thru every element of Hawaiian arts and crafts, providing detailed descrptions of traditional objects, methods of construction, and traditional use. Now, over 45 years after the original release of the work, Arts and Crafts of Hawaii, it can be enjoyed in a singular masterpiece. 606 pgs.
c. 2003, reprint of unbound volumes from 1957, H/C... $150.00

Bark Canoes & Skin Boats Of North America
by: Adney & Chapelle

The most extensive descriptions of native boats in North America. Tells how to build them, tools & material used. Lots of B/W photos & illustrations. 242 pgs.
c. 1983, S/C... 29.95

Basic Essentials of Knots for the Outdoors
by: Jacobson, Cliff

Windproof your tent and rain fly with expert knots. Tie off your watercraft with knots you can depend on. Cinch down cargo while traveling to your destination. Splice ropes together when it is necessary. Use a power-cinch during a river rescue. Make a support for a camera using lashing methods to secure it. Understand different applications for various types of rope. Prepare a new rope for outdoor use. Protect the lifetime and dependability of the ropes you count on. Understand rope nomenclature. Includes a left-handed mirror image illustration for every right-handed knot and hitch. 65 pgs
c. 1990, S/C... $4.95

Basic Leatherwork
by: Hurst, George & Hickam, Paul

Introduction to Leatherwork, Tooling Instructions, Holding the Mallet & Stamping Tools, Backgrounds, Decorative Cuts, Billfold Pattern, Saddle Stitch Instructions, 4 Hook Key Case Pattern, Threading the Needle, Double Loop Lace Instructions, Coaster Patterns, Alphabet Patterns. illustrated. 16 pgs.

Best Birdhouses for Your Backyard
by: Berger, Michael

Create these 13 birdhouse projects suitable for more than 25 species of wild birds. Includes plans for a bat house and butterfly house plus sidebars on how to attract birds. Filled with color photos & illustrations. 128 pgs
c. 2001, S/C... $24.99

Bird, Bee & Bug Houses: Simple Projects for Your Garden
by: Jones, Derek

Includes specific information on habit requirements for different species. This title explains the information you need to know to create the perfect habitat for each chosen species. It covers materials needed to create the house, deciding on a location and choosing an appropriate design. Color. 159 pgs
c. 2010, S/C... $17.95

Birdfeeders, Shelters & Baths: Weekend Workshop Collection
by: Baldwin, Edward

Over 25 complete easy-to-build, step-by-step projects for the weekend woodworker, including tips for providing the proper food and environment for birds and discouraging pests. 128 pgs.

Birdhouse Book: Building Houses, Feeders, and Baths
by: McNeil, Don

This book contains carefully detailed instructions and easy-to-understand drawings for 26 birdhouses, nesting shelves, and nesting boxes, as well as feeder and bath plans. This best-seller will please the woodworker in your family. 112 pgs.
c. 1979, S/C... $7.95
Used, Out-Of-Print

Condition: like new

Book of Candlemaking
by: Larkin, Chris

Here is a complete how-to guide to help you produce any combination of size, shape, color, scent, and style, even floating candles. Creating your own candles allows for a wide range of creative expression. Molding, dipping, rolling, carving, twisting, scenting, decorating-all these methods yield unique handmade candles, and all are nicely explored in this well-illustrated guide. A thorough introduction to the various techniques sets the stage for dozens of projects, from molded shapes concealing hidden treasures or stately pillars collaged with found objects to elegantly decoupaged tapers or whimsical candles mimicking ice cream sundaes. Many projects are devoted to decorating candle containers, so in addition to showing beginners how to delve into the field and providing more experienced crafters with new ideas, the book also offers great designs for unleashing your creativity on the candleholder, even if you never make a single candle from scratch. Lavish photographs demonstrate how to use the candles in a variety of inspiring settings. Full color throughout. 128 pgs.
c.1997, H/C...$24.95

Book of Decorative Knots
by: Owen, Peter

This comprehensive book presents more than 60 beautiful--and functional--knots with clear, step-by-step line illustrations that explain each phase of the properly-tied knot. Includes lanyard knots for decorative braidwork, "Turk's head" knots for decorative handgrips, button knots, sinnets, flat knots, and more. Line drawings. 144 pgs.
c.1994, S/C... $12.95

Book of Presents
by: Mills, Sonya

Easy to make gifts for every occasion. Designs & instructions for making nearly 100 gifts in such areas as crafts, cookery, sewing, carpentry, crochet, and knitting. B/W & Color photos. 156 pgs.
c. 1979, H/C...$22.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Good

Braiding & Knotting - Techniques & Projects
by: Belash, Constantine A.

General Directions for Braiding, Flat Braiding, Weaving Over Stationary Strands, Articles of Flat Braiding, Solid Braiding, Articles of Solid Braiding, Different Kinds of Knots, Knotted Articles 126 pages with many illustrations.
c. 1936, Dover Reprint 1974, S/C...$6.95

Build Your Own Telescope: Complete Plans for Five Telescopes You Can Build with Simple Hand Tools
by: Berry, Richard

For anyone who has ever dreamed of exploring the heavens with a telescope. In clear step-by-step instructions, the author tells how to build 5 telescopes, from a simple reflecting telescope suitable for a parent and child to build together to a research-grade 10-inch telescope capable of sustaining a lifetime's interest in astronomy. Detailed instructions include complete plans and photographs that show how anyone can construct a powerful telescope with ordinary household tools and materials. 276 pgs
c. 1994, 2nd ed, H/C... $25.95

By the Water's Edge
by: McCullah, Mary

10 painting projects featuring water birds & fish. Merganser wooden tray, Marsh Wren & Cattails painted canvas, Nesting Pelican basket, Loon & Lotus lamp, Canada Goose tea box, Great Egret plaque, Penguins in Snow decorative tree, Mute Swans box & pencil holder, Bald Eagle mail basket, Fish in a Circle wind chime.
c. 2006, S/C... $9.95

Candlemaker's Compaion
by: Oppenheimer, Betty

Create exquisite, handcrafted candles at home with this comprehensive primer! From wax to wick to wrapping, the magical glow of a handmade candle is now easier to create than ever before. With illustrated step-by-step instructions and complete source lists, The Candlemaker's Companion shows you how to: Create rolled, poured, molded, gel, dipped, and custom-blended candles; Scent, color, and decorate candles for special places and occasions; Make innovative containers, holders, and gift packaging; Create luminaria, lanterns, and floating candles; Use specialty techniques, such as overdipping, painting, layering, and sculpting. 176 pgs.
c.1997, S/C... $18.95

Carving Clowns & Circus Wagons
by: Smith, Bily J.

Now you can make your own circus parade, complete circus with bandwagon, horses, elephants, and clowns using ordinary power tools. Start with inexpensive wood and display panels that you can carve yourself or select from wood specialty stores and catalogs, then follow the patterns for the body, axles, and wheels.127 pgs.
c.1993, S/C... $12.95

Complete Book Of Birdhouse Construction For Woodworkers
by: Campbell, Scott

Detailed instructions, illustrations, tables. Also data on bird habitat and instinct patterns. Bibliography. 3 tables. 63 illustrations in 15 figures. 46 pgs.
c. 1984, S/C, (Regular $3.50)...$1.95
Condition: Very Good

Complete Book of Gourd Craft
by: Ginger Summit & Jim Widess
Includes info about growing, drying, & cleaning gourds, and describes more than 55 ways to decorate them using stains, paints, carving, wood burning, basketry, decoupage and other approaches. Plus, 22 fabulous projects to make including a wood burned stained bowl, a coiled basket with beads, a santa puppet, a potpourri holder, and more. Great for beginners or the skilled gourd artist. Color & B/W photos. 143 pgs.
c. 2000, S/C...$18.95

Complete Book Of Knots
by: Budworth, Geoffrey

Provides easy-to-follow instructions for selecting & tying more than 100 knots. Color illustrations guide you through step-by-step. Also contains a comprehensive glossary of terms. 160 pgs.
c.1997, S/C... $18.95

Complete Soapmaker
by: Coney, Norma

Tips, techniques & recipies for luxurious handmade soaps. Everything you need to know to begin making your own, from basic bar soap to special hand-milled varieties. Accurate descriptions of equipment and ingredients, step-by-step instructions and photos, safety tips & problem solving techniques, recipies for more than 60 soaps, instructions for making speciality soaps, and how to store, wrap, decorate and display your finished work. Color photos. 128 pgs.
c. 1996, S/C...$14.95

Cottage Industries
by: Porter, Valerie

Information for beginners on woodworking, basketry, herbs, tanning, spinning. Contents: Information for beginners: wood including woodland crafts; basketry and thatch, meadow, hedgerow, orchard and garden; skin, leather and feather; fibre; workshop and studio; cottage offices and shops. 143 pgs.
c.1992, S/C...$14.95

Creature Crochet - 12 Adorable Animal Patterns
by: Rask, Kristen

Pick up your hooks and get ready to stitch and stuff a collection of crotcheted animal projects. From a pint-sized piglet to a sweet bear that conceals a hidden container, you'll learn to make 12 lovable creatures inspired by popular Japanese art of amiguruumi. Kit includes a book with 80 full-color photos and instructions to make 12 adorable animals, crochet hook, and enough yarn to make your first two projects - a tropical kissing fish and a beaver with a stuffed felt tail. Beginners and experienced crafters alike will enjoy these cute patterns.
c. 2013, Cardboard case... $21.95

Crocheted Wild Animals: A Collection of Wild and Woolly Friends to Make
by: Mooncie, Vanessa

Gather crochet know-how for making toy animals of all shapes and sizes. The book features a clear, detailed crochet pattern for each animal, plus toy-making tips. Along the way, readers will also learn some interesting and surprising facts about each wild animal. The projects vary in level of complexity, and there is an easy to understand techniques section to help lapsed and beginning crocheters with basic crochet skills. 159 pgs
c. 2013, S/C... $19.95

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Deerskins Into Buckskins: How To Tan With Brains, Soap or Eggs (Book)
by: Richards, Matt
Detailed photographs and illustrations, in a simple to follow style, shows you exactly what you need to know to successfully turn your deer, elk, moose, or buffalo skins into leather preferred by outdoorsmen. Learn methods of brain tanning as well as how to use a dozen eggs or soap & oil instead. B/W photos & illustrations. 240 pgs.
c. 2004, 2nd Ed, S/C...$19.95

Designer Pumpkins (Book)
by: Ayers, Jerry

An instructional book. The author will guide you through the basics of pumpkin carving.
c.1995, S/C...$9.95

Designer Pumpkins (Video - VHS)
by: Ayers, Jerry

An instructional video. The author will guide you through the basics of pumpkin carving.
c.1995, VHS 30 Min....$9.95
On Sale $7.95

Dog Crafts
by: Needham, Bobbe

More than 50 grrreat projects, all items for or about dogs. If you're a dog lover who can sew, saw, cook, or paint, then you're barking up the right tree with this book! The crafts here include quilting and crocheting, woodworking and carpentry, baking and grilling, but all the most basic levels of skill. Create the Canny Canine Quilt, Paws That Refreshes Placemats, the Let-Sleeping-Dogs-Lie bed, and ecologically correct Canine Fashion Sweaters. All fifty projects will surely bring hours of pleasure to any dog and its human friends. 128 pgs (all in color)
c.1997, S/C...$14.95

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