Children's Dog Books

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Children's Dog Books

A Dog For A Friend
by: Reynolds, Marilynn

The story is one that any child who has ever wanted a pet, or felt lonely and in need of a friend, could identify with and enjoy. A girl longs for a dog but finds herself taking care of a baby pig on a farm. Ages 4-8. 32 pgs.

A Dog's Best Friend
by: Mostacchi, Massimo

Feeling that something is missing in his life, Dudley the dog runs away from home, only to return later and find the friendship he was looking for. Ages 4-8. 32 pgs.

Beagle in a Backpack (Animal Ark)
by: Baglio, Ben M

At Animal Ark, Mandy Hope helps her parents treat animals of all shapes and sizes. Even outside the clinic, Mandy can't resist helping any animal in need. Mandy & James are distracted from Halloween planning when Amber runs away from home with a stolen beagle puppy. Clues left around a sheep farm lead the kids to believe that Amber is hiding out on the moors. But even if Amber & the puppy are found, will they all be able to make it safely back over the moors that are riddled with jagged holes & underground caves? Ages 9-12. 142 pgs.
c. 2005, P/B...$3.99

Bentley & Blueberry
by: Houk, Randy

This true animal story will warm your heart. A shelter adopted dog can have special training challenges. When Bentley, a bearded collie, and his owner Ms. Moody, fall in love with Blueberry at the shelter, they have to learn how to housetrain her, and how to stop the barking with humane love and kindness. Your child will want to read this rhyming book again and again. Comes with cassette tape and plush pal. Ages 4-9.
c. 1993, w/ cassette & plush...$19.95

Bo and the Christmas Bandit
by: Simmons, Lynn

Bo, a labrador retriever who has aided police in the past, uses his skills again when a rash of house burglaries occur in Salado, Texas, the week before Christmas. Ages 9-12. 128 pgs.
c. 2009, P/B... $8.95

Bo and the Missing Dogs
by: Simmons, Lynn

Bo, the Famous Retriever, is back, accompanied by his owner, Mrs. Barnett. After the excitement of their last adventure, Mrs. Barnett would like to settle in to her new life of volunteering and baking cookies (her recipes are included), but her high-spirited pet has other ideas. Soon Bo involves Mrs. Barnett and his four teenage trainers in an exciting new mystery. Ages 9-12. 128 pgs
c. 2003, P/B... $8.95

Bo and the Night Intruder
by: Simmons, Lynn

The lovable black Lab from "Bo and the Missing Dogs" is back. A food company bringing illegal aliens into the U.S. from Mexico to work in its restaurants wants to buy the caf owned by former baseball player Pete Incaviglia. It's up to Bo to reveal the company's dishonesty. Ages 9-12. 104 pgs
c. 2005, P/B... $8.95

Bo and the Roaring Pines
by: Simmons, Lynn

Bo the lovable black Labrador retriever is back with a new adventure. He and his owner arrive in east Texas to stay at an old farmhouse at a time when wildfires are sweeping the surrounding countryside. Bo helps everyone find evidence that an arsonist is at work. Illustrations. Ages 9-12. 128 pgs.
c. 2008, P/B... $8.95

Bo, the Famous Retriever
by: Simmons, Lynn

When Mrs. Barnettis son goes to Alaska, he leaves Bo, a high-spirited Labrador puppy, in her care. Initially, Mrs. Barnett is dismayed by Bois antics, which include chewing shoes and stealing her neighborsi newspapers. Gradually, her new pet encourages her to get involved with her community and meet new young friends. In time, Bo helps Mrs. Barnett overcome her "empty nest" syndrome--and they both help the police chief solve a mystery. Ages 9-12. 128 pgs
c. 2003, H/C... $10.95

Bold White Stranger
by: Beausay, Florence

Fictional story of two tennage eskimo boys & their adventures in Alaska - readers will shiver at the seemingly indestructable & ghostly bold white stranger - a ferocious three-legged timber wolf, as wellas being struck by the Gospel - they will see how God speaks in every language to every people. 152 pgs. Ages 12 & up.
c. 1958, H/C...$5.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Good -Very Good w/ dust jacket, dust jacket fair: stained & small tears, inside book very good, no writing, binding good

Born to Pull
by: Cary, Bob & De Marcken, Gail

Sled dogs are a mysterious breed, unrelentingly independent. At play, they may look like any other pup, but at work they bear no resemblance to others of their species. Investigate how the fierce bond between musher and dog slowly develops until the team fuses and unleashes its collective power on the trail. Learn how these roles occasionally reverse when a "green" musher learns to trust a sled dog's experience and innate pulling instinct. "Born to Pull" is written by famed North Woods author Bob Cary (Rootbeer Lady, Tales from Jackpine Bob). Each chapter features expert insight into dog sled team dynamics that complement Bob's lively stories about life on the trail. These narratives are vividly brought to life with stunning illustrations by northern watercolor artist Gail de Marcken who spent several months traveling with dog sled teams. Inside these pages, you'll learn everything you always wanted to know about sled dogs and their sport! Ages 9-14. 95 pgs
c. 1999, H/C... $26.95

Brave Dogs, Gentle Dogs: How They Guard Sheep
by: Urbigkit, Cat
Guardian dogs help ranchers protect their flocks. Learn how puppies are placed in fleece to learn to identify the smell of sheep. With little training, they soon instinctively know their job is to lookout for danger. The book's engaging photo-essay shows how guardian dogs & sheep form a bond that lasts throughout the dogs life. 32 pgs. Ages 6-8.
c. 2005, H/C...$15.95

Carl's Afternoon In the Park
by: Day, Alexandra

Carl the rottweiler, in charge of a baby and a puppy, takes advantage of Mom's absence to lead them on a wild romp through the park. 32 pgs. Ages 4-8.
c. 1991, H/C...$11.95

Carl's Christmas
by: Day, Alexandra

A family's faithful dog, Carl, a Rottweiller and the baby left in his charge share an adventure-filled Christmas Eve. 32 pgs. Ages 4-8.
c. 1990, H/C...$11.95

Charlie & Tess
by: Hall, Martin

A young lamb that is rescued by a farmer and raised with the family's sheepdog grows up thinking of himself as a dog, and his ability to herd sheep proves very valuable during a severe snowstorm. Delightful color illustrations. 32 pgs. Ages 4-8.
c. 1995, H/C...$12.95

Corgiville Fair
by: Tasha Tudor & Harry Davis
Welcome to Corgiville--home to corgis, cats, rabbit, and to olive green trolls--and to the goat race, this New England village fair's big event. With its intricately detailed watercolor paintings, here is "as exuberant an aggregation of Americana as you'll find on land or paper". Beautifully illustrated. Ages 6-12.
c. 1998, H/C...$17.99

Dog & Puppy (Farm Animals)
A pull-out book. Color illustrations on one side, you color the other side. Ages 4-6.

Dog To The Rescue II
by: Sanderson, Jeanette

Seventeen more true tales of dog heroism. Such as: Bo - who protected his owner from being attacked by an agre bear, or Lady - who fought rattlesnakes to save a child's life, or King - who rescued an entire family from a fire. B/W photos. 74 pgs. Ages 8-10.
c. 1995, S/C...$5.00

Dog Toby: A Thrilling Holiday Adventure
by: Church, Toby

A fictional classic tale with all the elements children love: a beloved lost dog, a friendhip, a thrilling holiday adventure, railway trains, wild animals, and dangers overcome by courage. Ages 12 & up. 176 pgs.
c. 1953, H/C...$22.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Doggy Bone Cookbook
by: Bledsoe, Michele
The fun & easy way to bake love & nutrition into your dog's diet. 12 Quick & easy recipies made from ingredients found in most kitchens, such as: Cinnabone, Bark-B-Q, Peamutt Butter, Dig N Cheese, Santa Paws, Yappy Birthday, and more. Comes with a doge bone shaped cookie cutter. Ages 6 & up.
c. 2003, BoardBook...$9.95

by: Spizzirri

An educational coloring book. Dogs lovers will find a new treasure about the history of man’s best friend. Famous breeds of Pug, Collie & more. Ages 6-10.

Dogs (Barron's Pocket Gems)
by: Ransford, Sandy

Pocket size book with text and photographs that present forty-one dog breeds, including different kinds of hounds, working dogs, and toy dogs. 64 pgs. Ages 4-8

Dogs (Usborne Spotter's Guide)
by: Glover, Harry

Pocket size identification book to dog breeds. Next to each color illustration of each dog is a short description of that breed. Good book for adults too. 64 pgs.

Dogs Sticker Book (Usborne Spotter's Guide)
by: Glover, Harry

Reusable stickers represent over 90 different dog breeds. 24 pgs. Ages 9-12.
c. 1997, S/C...$8.99

by: Paulsen, Gary
Fiction: A 14 year old Eskimo boy who feels assailed by the modernity of his life takes a 1400-mile journey by dog sled across ice, tundra, & mountains seeking his own "song" of himself. Ages 10-14. 177 pgs.
c. 1985, P/B...$4.99
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good, cover creased, "property of" stamp inside front cover

Double Trouble (Puppy Patrol #04)
by: Dale, Jenny
Sugar and Spice are the most spoiled and troublesome dogs in the area--with owners to match. Now, unfortunately, they're Neil's responsibility. After a mysterious break-in at the kennels, the dogs are missing and Neil must scramble to find them before their owners return. Ages 9-12. 101 pgs.
c. 2000, P/B...$3.99

Draw 50 Dogs
by: Ames, Lee J.

Step-by-step instructions of how to draw 50 different breeds of dogs. Ages 9-12.
c. 1981, S/C...$4.95

Dudley: The Little Terrier That Could
by: Green-Armytage, Stephen

Cute story of a real jack russell terrier that overcomes his small size. 45 Color photographs. 31 pgs. Ages 4-8.

Emily and Carlo
by: Figley, Marty Rhodes

Figley's lyrical text and Stock's luminous art create a fresh look at the life of poet Emily Dickinson, focusing on her relationship with her dog, Carlo, a large, floppy, drooly Newfoundland, . Includes quotations about Carlo from Dickinson's poems and letters. Full color.
c. 2012, H/C... $15.95

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