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The Threshold Picture Guide Series has been named the most popular horsemanship series ever printed. Wonderul illustrations accompany thorough and practical information in each 24 page booklet. Easy to understand, this series is a true pleasure to read.

Aromatherapy For Horses (Threshold Picture Guides #40)
by; Ingraham, Caroline
A guide to using essential oils for common ailments and managment problems in horses and ponies. Includes: how to select oils, doses and dilutions, external and internal applications, oils for first aid and wounds, skin problems, safety, and quick reference charts and tables. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 1997, Booklet...$12.95

Basic Coursebuilding (Threshold Picture Guide #17)
by: Summers, Maureen

Frames, safety, do's and dont's, planning courses, plans for judges, indoors or outdoors, building a course at a show. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 1991, S/C... $12.95

Beds & Bedding (Threshold Picture Guide #9)
by: Watson, Mary Gordon

A guide to the materials used for horses' bedding, with simple instructions on how to create and maintain comfortable, clean beds for horses and ponies. Covers: Straw, alternatives, cleaning, manure pile, cast horse, hygiene, storage. 24 pgs.
c. 1988, Booklet... $12.00

Better Riding Through Exercise (Threshold Picture Guides #42)
by: Pearce, Linda

A guide to improving the rider's position and effectiveness through a program of exercises and stretches designed for riders. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 1999, Booklet...$12.95

Bombproofing Tips (Threshold Picture Guides # 49)
by: Wood, Perry

Much needed advice on how to make horses and ponies safer to ride, easier to manage and more confident, particularly on the roads and when hacking out. The horse's nature, basic riding and leading skills, reward and punishment, how to de-sensitise your horse and pony. Riding past an objects of fear, Riding over objects on the ground, and Coping with traffic, loud noised, animals. childern, and 'strange' objects. Great illustrations.. 24 pgs.
c. 2005, Booklet...$12.95

Boots & Bandages (Threshold Picture Guide #3)
by: Holderness-Roddam, Jane

A step-by-step guide to the correct methods of fitting boots and bandages. Covers: Boot types, fastenings, boot care, knee/hock/foot bandages, removing, & storage. 24 pgs.
c. 1987, Booklet, S/C... $12.95

Caring For Older Horses & Ponies (Threshold Picture Guides #48)
by: McBane, Susan

Valuable advice and management techniques including: how horses age, changes in the body, personality changes, habit changes, age-related health conditions, preventative management, useful complementary therapies, teaching an older horse new tricks, obedience and the older horse. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 2004, Booklet...$12.95

Classical Riding (Threshold Picture Guides #55)
by: Sharples, Johanna

An introduction to the basic principles of classical riding, with key exercises on how to adopt the classical seat and to use classical training methods to improve your horse's way of going, in hand, on the lunge and under saddle. The book contains not only classical riding in a nutshell, but also practical exercises to try at home. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 2008, Booklet...$12.95

Conformation (Threshold Picture Guides #19)
by: Henriques, Pegotty

Guide to the basic principles & practical implications of conformation. 24 pgs.
c. 1991, Booklet...$12.95

Driving Do's & Don'ts (Threshold Picture Guide #37)
by: Walrond, Sallie

Commonsense advice on a wide range of driving topics & avoiding mistakes. Covers: correct harness fitiing & care; vehicle maintenance; rein handling; driving on the road; tips on preparing for a show; taking part in show classes; eventing; presentation; dressgae; marathon driving; cones. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 1996, Booklet... $12.95

Driving Questions Answered (Threshold Picture Guides #34)
by: Walrond, Sallie

A follow-up to "Threshold Picture Guide #28: Starting To Drive", this booklet offers valuable advice & solutions to common problems. Covers: Types of carriage, vehicles for beginners, correct fitting, coping with common problems, showing & eventing. Clear color illustartions. 24 pgs.
c. 1995, S/C... $12.95

Feeds & Feeding (Threshold Picture Guides #10)
by: Watson, Mary Gordon

A guide to horse and pony feedstuffs and straightforward advice on feeding horses and ponies. Roughage, hay, concentrates, hat, cooked foods, rationing, feeding methods, storage. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 1994, Rev, Booklet...$12.95

Feet & Shoes (Threshold Picture Guides #16)
by: Webber, Toni

A step-by-step guide to the horse’s foot and the principles of correct shoeing. Covers: Variations in feet, unshod, farrier, shoes, care of the feet, laminitis, problems. 24 pgs.
c. 1990, Booklet... $12.95

Field Management (Threshold Picture Guides #8)
by: Watson, Mary Gordon

Management of paddocks & fencing, including: poisonous plants, palatable grasses and herbs, field care, safe and secure fencing, gates, haymaking, grazing management, shelter and sheds, water. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 1994, Booklet...$12.95

Fields & Fencing (Threshold #8)
by: Watson, Mary

Step-by-step guide to the management of horse paddocks & fencing. 24 pgs.
c. 1988, Booklet... $12.00

First Aid (Threshold Picture Guide #12)
by: Holderness-Roddam, Jane

Straightforward advice on how to cope with common injuries and ailments, when to call the vet, and what to do before the vet arrives. 24 pgs.
c. 1994, Booklet, Rev... $12.95

Fitting Tack (Threshold Picture Guides #4)
by: Holderness-Rodam, Jane
Step-by-step guide to correct and comfortable fitting tack. Covers: Halter, bits, saddles, girth, martingale, breastplate, crupper, longeing, equipment, care of tack, and more. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 1987, Booklet...$12.95

Flatwork Exercises (Threshold Picture Guides #23)
by: Wallace, Jane

An illustrated guide to progressive schooling exercises, designed to improve suppleness, balance, strength and agility, and to enhance the performance of horse and rider on the flat. Covers: tack and equipment, the paces, transitions, half-halts, 10m and 20m circles, increasing and decreasing the circle, serpentines, shoulder-in, shoulder-out, counter-canter, square halts, rein-back. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 1992, Booklet...$12.95

Functional Anatomy (Threshold Picture Guides #43)
by: Colles, Chris, BVetMed, PhD MRCVS
A guide to the horses's anatomy and basic physiology, with clear descriptions of how it works. Written for horse owners and students by a leading equine veterinary surgeon. Includes: the skeleton, muscles, the foot and how it works, tendons and ligaments, circulation and the blood, respiratory and digestive systems, teeth and ageing, eyes, skin, ears. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 2000, Booklet...$12.95

Grooming (Threshold Picture Guide #21)
by: McBane, Susan

A guide to grooming and how it can help keep horses and ponies healthy and looking their best. Covers: Kits, electrical gadgets, feet, quartering, wisping, mud, shampoo, hot toweling. 24 pgs.
c. 1992, Booklet... $10.00

Herbs For Horses (Threshold Picture Guides #27)
by: Morgan, Jenny

A straightforward guide to the use and preparation of safe and effective herbal remedies for horses and ponies, along with herbal hints and tips. Includes an introduction by a veterinary surgeon. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 1993, Booklet...$12.95

Homeopathy (Threshold Picture Guides #44)
by: Day, Christopher, MA, VetMB, MRCVS, VetFFHom

A guide to choosing and using tried-and-true homeopathic remedies for horses and ponies, with treatment guidelines for a wide range of common ailments and first aid applications. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 2000, Booklet...$12.95

Improving the Rider's Position (Threshold Picture Guides #32)
by: Bentley, Joni

A guide to achieving a poised and effective riding position which will enhance performance and enable the rider to remain constantly in balance with the horse's movement in walk, trot and canter. Covers: Even weight distribution; Sitting centrally on the seat bones; Correcting upper body alignment and poise; Eliminating crookedness in the rider; Improving the rider's leg position; Developing a sensitive rein contact; Maintaining a good position whilst in motion; Walk; Rising Trot; Sitting Trot; Canter. Color illustrations. 24 pgs.
c. 1994, Booklet...$12.95

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