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Books from Western Horseman -
publisher of the World's Leading Horse Magazine since 1936

A Bit Of Information (Western Horseman)
by: Smith, Fran Devereux
Renowned Texas bitmaker Greg Darnell discusses bits & bitting. B/W photos & illustrations. 16 pgs.
c. 1996, Booklet...$5.00

Arabian Legends (Western Horseman)
by: Carpenter, Marian K.

Covers 24 famous Arabians, one chapter per horse. It's life story, four-generation pedigree, it's performance & sire/production records. B/W photographs. 280 pgs.
c. 1999, S/C... $21.95

Bacon & Beans: Ranch-Country Recipes (Western Horseman)
by: Hughes, Stella

A collection of tales and recipes from the west. Her writing involves recipes, but the real content is the well-spiced, rib-tickling, immensely satisfying view of western life from Eagle Creek, Arizona. Chapter titles: The Uncrowned Kings; Cookin' by Guess and by Gosh; Campfires and Dutch Ovens; Day's A-Breakin'; Doughgods and Other Breads; Salads and Stuff; All But the Hide and Horns; Cookin' the Wild Ones; Hot Stuff!; Frijoles; Y'All Come; Fluff-Duffs and Other Sweets; More for the Sweet Tooth; Break Time; Special Helps. 136 pages.
c.1990, S/C, Spiral...$14.95

Barrel Racing (Western Horseman)
by: Camarillo, Sharon

Clinician, trainer, and four-time NFR qualifier Sharon Camarillo has completely revised her book, emphasizing the approach, rate, and turn. Over 150 photos plus illustrations show you what you need to know. Lots of inside advice including choosing a prospect, using the right headgear, and overcoming problems make this the essential tool for barrel racers at any level. 144 pgs.
c. 1985, S/C... $14.95

Basic Gear (Western Horseman)
by: Smith, Fran
Window shopping for horse gear. Halters leads, grooming kits, blankets, pads, saddles, breast collars, headstalls, reins, bits & curbs. Color photos. 48 pgs.

Calf Roping (Western Horseman)
by: Cooper, Roy

Guide to riding, roping, flanking & tying. Equipment, throwing the rope, flanking & legging, tying, problems, rope horse training, rodeoing & winning, profile of Roy Cooper, calf roping rules & terminology. B/W photos. 143 pgs.
c. 1984, S/C... $14.95

First Horse (Western Horseman)
by: Smith, Fran

Complete guide for the first-time horse owner. Chapters: what you want in a horse, help finding a horse, what to look for, how to test-ride, what you're willing to pay, where to keep it, where to ride it, gear, partnering up, handling, grooming, saddling up, let's ride, common problems, lessons & trainers, advanced manuevers, hauling your horse, feeding, health care & hoof care. B/W photos. 175 pgs.
c. 1995, S/C... $14.95

From Breeding To Weaning (Western Horseman)
by: Bennett, Dwight DVM, Ph D
A guide to raising your own foal, including vital information about problems, twins, and orphans. Color photos. 36 pgs.
c. 2000, Booklet...$10.00

Grooming: How To Make Your Horse Look Better (Western Horseman)
by: Weaver, John & Cindy
Clipping, bathing, mane care, tail care, show preparation. B/W & Color photos. 32 pgs.

Hank Wiescamp Story (Western Horseman)
by: Holmes, Frank

Authorized biography of the legendary Colorado horseman, Hank Wiescamp. Complete with the stories, the pedigrees, the show & race records, and the photographs that chronicle 70 years of horse breeding, showing, and selling activity. 207 pgs.
c. 1996, S/C... $14.95

Health Problems Of The Horse (Western Horseman)
by: Miller, Robert M.

A practical reference for most common horse ailments. Management, illness, injury, lameness, breeding, behavior, dentistry, exercise, gelding. 144 pgs.
c. 1988, Revised, S/C... $14.95

Horseman's Scrapbook, Revised (Western Horseman)
by: Steffen, Randy

Steffen's handy hints provide advice on everything from tack repairs to tail braiding to fencing your pasture. Packed with illustrations. Chapter titles: Introduction; Fencing, Gates, Latches, and Cattle Guards; Ropes and Knots; Around Ranch and Home; Horse Gear; Stable, Tackroom, and Corral; Training and Breaking; Truck and Trailer Tips; And More Tips. 144 pgs.
c. 1986, S/C, Rev... $14.95

Imprint Training On The Newborn Foal (Western Horseman)
by: Miller, Robert, DVM

Swift, effective method for permanently shaping a horse's lifetime behavior. What is imprinting, bonding, habituation, dominace, the mare, immediate postpartum procedure, teaching the foal to tie, halter training, teaching performance basics, preventing problems, the race horse, mules, effects of imprint training on mares. B/W photos. 151 pgs.
c. 1991, S/C... $14.95

Legends: Vol. 1 (Western Horseman)
by: Simmons, Dianne

Profiles of some of the early-day legends of the Quarter Horse breed. Chapter titles: Wimpy P-1; Peppy; King P-234; Poco Bueno; Poco Tivio; King Fritz; Three Bars (TB); Doc Bar; Barbra B; Chicaro Bill; Queenie; Joe Hancock; Cowboy P-12; Shue Fly; Hard Twist; Hollywood Gold; Bert; Top Deck (TB); Go Man Go; Depth Charge (TB); Plaudit; Quick M Silver; Star Duster; Joe Reed P-3; Leo. 168 pgs.
c. 1993, S/C... $17.95

Legends: Vol. 2 (Western Horseman)
by: Simmons, Dianne

The second volume of the Legends series, focusing on more outstanding Quarter Horse stallions and mares. Chapter titles: Traveler; Old Joe Bailey; Gonzales Joe Bailey; Lucky Blanton; Peter McCue; Midnight; Midnight Jr; Grey Badger II; Skipper W; Oklahoma Star; Oklahoma Star Jr.; Driftwood; Jessie James; King's Pistol; My Texas Dandy; Clabber; Rocket Bar (TB); Lightning Bar; Sugar Bars; Moon Deck; Jet Deck; Lena's Bar; Easy Jet. 192 pgs.
c. 1994, S/C... $16.95

Legends: Vol. 3 (Western Horseman)

More profiles of the stallions and mares that built the Quarter Horse breed. Chapter titles: Steel Dust; Old Sorrel; Flying Bob; Maddon's Bright Eyes; Showdown; Royal King; Jackstraw (TB); Piggin String (TB); Poco Lena; Poco Pine; Poco Dell; Quo Vadis; Question Mark; Two Eyed Jack; Mr Gun Smoke; Hollywood Jac 86; Author Profiles; Notes; Photo Index. 208 pages.
c. 1997, S/C... $17.95

Legends: Vol. 4 (Western Horseman)

Profiles of 17 influential Quarter Horse stallions and mares: Blondy's Dude, Dash For Cash, Diamonds Sparkle, Doc O'Lena, Ed Echols, Fillinic, Harlan, Impressive, Lady Bug's Moon, Miss Bank, Miss Princess/Woven Web (TB), Rebel Cause, Tonto Bars Hank, Vandy, Zan Parr Bar, Zantanon, Zippo Pine Bar. 216 pages.
c. 1999, S/C... $17.95

Legends Vol. 5 (Western Horseman)

Profiles of 18 influential Quarter Horse stallions and mares: Little Joe, Joe Moore, Monita, Bill Cody, Joe Cody, Topsail Cody, Pretty Buck, Pat Star Jr., Skipa Star, Hank H, Chubby, Bartender, Leo San, Çustus Rastus (TB), Jaguar, Jackie Bee, Chicado V, and Mr. Bar None. About 300 B/W photos. 248 pgs.
c. 2001, S/C...$23.95

Legends: Vol. 6 (Western Horseman)
Another volume in the top-selling Western Horseman Legends series, this book profiles the following legendary horses: Paul A, Billietta, Casey’s Dream, Colonel Freckles, Conclusive, Coy’s Bonanza, Croton Oil, Doc Quixote, Doc’s Prescription, Dynamic Deluxe, Flit Bar, Freckles Playboy, Great Pine, Jewels Leo Bar, Major Bonanza, Mr San Peppy, Okie Leo, Peppy San, Speedy Glow and The Invester. About 300 B/W photos. 235 pgs.
c. 2004, S/C...$23.95

Legends: Vol. 7 (Western Horseman)

Legends 7 is Western Horseman's popular series highlighting Quarter Horses who've had a significant impact on the breed and, in many instances, re-shaped entire event-specific industries, such as cutting, reining, halter and western pleasure. One of the most interesting aspects of this installment is noting how the 18 stallions and 2 mares profiled have descended from horses in previous volumes; thus legends are creating legends. Hundreds of photos, some rarely or never before published, illustrate the horses' stories. And, as with previous volumes, each chapter includes a four-generation pedigree, a summary of the stallion's or mare's show or race recorc and a progeny record detailing the achievements of the horse's offspring. B/W photos. 256 pgs.
c. 2006, S/C...$23.95

Legends: Vol. 8 (Western Horseman)

"Portraits of outstanding Quarter Horse stallions and mares. Those horses profiled in this volume include: Aledo Bar, Babe Cody, Black Easter Bunny, Doc's Hickory, Double Bid, Eternal Sun, Grays Starlight, Hotrodders Jet Set, Marion's Girl, Miss Panama, Nu Cash, Parr Passum, Scotch Bar Time, Sonny Go Lucky, Special Effort, Spotted Bull, Sun Frost, Tardy Too, Top Moon and Watch Joe Jack. B/W photos. 240 pages
c. 2009, S/C...$23.95

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