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by: Froissard, Jean

Here at last is a single volume in which every principal and problem of training, instruction, equitation, school, stables and activities is analyzed and discussed from the viewpoints of all three participants – teacher, rider and horse. Jean Froissard, one of France's most dynamic riding masters, speaks here to the young instructor who more often than not finds himself entrusted with beginning riders and with horses he must train or, worse, retrain. Yet he also speaks to the young horseman, for in explaining to the teacher what it is that makes his horses and pupils tick, by the same token he explains to the pupil the functioning and motivation of his horse and teacher. Of special interest to instructors and directors of riding schools will be the last section of the book, "The Lighter Side," in which the author gives detailed information and advice on the very delicate problems of the closely related matters of stable management, organization of activities, and human relations in a special environment. Generously illustrated with diagrams, drawings, photographs, and reproductions of paintings and engravings, some famous, some little-known. 336 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1967, S/C... $7.00

First Aid For Horses: What To Do Until The Vet Arrives
by: Denning, Jr., Dr. Charles H.

Dr. Charles H. Denning has compiled this comprehensive guide to aid horseowners throughout the world in recognizing the symptoms of various diseases and illness peculiar to horses. The symptoms carefully described in each chapter enable the horseowners in diagnosing certain ailments so that he may obtain a veterinarian's aid before the situation becomes critical. Includes: administration of medicine, diseases, injuries, anatomy, & treatments. A great help for all horseowners. 106 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1969, S/C... $7.00

Fun On Horseback
by: Self, Margaret

Sections of the book include: Breaking and Training the Colt, Games, Gymkhana Competitions and Races, Presenting an Amateur Circus, Riding on the Trail, Hunting with Bloodhounds, and Military Organizations. Fun on Horseback will be of interest to all horsemen young or old, and it will be of use to parents, leaders and teachers who are engaged in passing on their love and knowledge of horses and riding to the young riders of America. Photos & illustrations. 270 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1978, S/C... $4.00

Horse Owner's Concise Guide
by: Hanauer, Elsie V.

Conformation, hoof, teeth, illness, injury, general care, handling, general information. B/W illustrations. 102 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1969, S/C... $5.00

Horseback Riding Made Fun & Easy
by: Coen, Sue

This book is a combination of three texts written by Sue Coen to accompany equitation instruction at her Windy Hill Stable. The author felt a definite need for a very simple, very basic book that would accompany this instruction without confusing the students with too much detail. This book is not intended to take the place of good instruction; it is intended as a supplement to be used along with instruction to reinforce what is being taught in the riding ring. There is no substitute for actual instruction and criticism from a competent instructor. Besides developing patience and consideration, horseback riding also develops self-discipline. Covers: Fundamentals, walk, trot, canter, back, tack, care, emergencies, rules. Photos & Illustrations. 253 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1969, S/C... $10.00

How To Cure Behavior Problems in Horses
by: McBane, Susan

The first part of the book examines the evolution of the horse and the instinct mechanisms it has developed to protect itself in its natural environment. The author evaluates the horse's learning and memory faculties and asks why habits are formed and how they can be changed. The essential differences between intelligence and conditioned behavior are stressed and methods of scientifically assessing intelligence are set out with the proviso that instinct may impinge on any conditioning process. There is an informative section giving accounts of problems that have been encountered by other horse experts. The latter part of the book is a practical problem dictionary – the author does not just cite the various problems that can be encountered but sets out the particular vice or problem, examines the potential causes and then offers sound, corrective action. Her approach is realistic; valuable advice is given on when professional help should be sought, and on when a problem simply cannot be remedied. Illustrated throughout with practical black-and-white photographs and line illustration. 304 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1987, S/C... $15.00

The Hunter In Pictures
by: Self, Margaret Cabell

Takes the horse lover into the world of horns and hounds for a nostalgic look at the kingly sport and a practical appraisal of its opportunities and limitations today. Ms. Self, author of nearly two score books on horses and horsemanship, provides a reliable companion for amateurs, professionals and dreamers who want to know about the ways of people who hunt and the superb animals they breed and train. She provides a cross section of the types of hunter to be found both in field and show ring, explains how the kind of terrain to be traveled determines one's choice of horses, and includes a discussion of the huntsman's beloved companion the hounds, dating back to their origin on a British country estate in Northampton. Lots of B/W pictures. 172 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1972, S/C... $2.00

Illustrated Horseback Riding For Beginners
by: Mellin, Jeanne

Do you want to ride and yet are doubtful about how and where to begin? Do you think that all riding falls into two types – "English" and "Western"? This book by championship horsewoman Jeanne Mellin will tell you about the three styles of riding most popular throughout the United States and Canada today, and the appropriate saddles, tack and apparel for each. Over 100 illustrations by the author supplement her lucid text in providing step-by-step instruction in all three styles of riding, with lively comments and tips on breeds of horses, riding apparel and riding etiquette. More important, the book stresses the need for harmony between horse and rider in the interplay of physical movement and psychological response that is horsemanship. 144 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1970, S/C... $5.00

Know All About Horses
by: Disston, Harry

A reference book designed for the non-professional rider, the casual rider, those with curiosity about and an interest in horses – especially beginners, both children and adults. Essential basic information concerning principal equestrian activities is presented, as are fundamentals concerning the anatomy, nature, care and history of the horse. The coverage is purposefully broad, including basic topics such as ailments, stable management, shoeing and characteristics, and more complex topics such as horse shows, foxhunting, steeplechasing, flat and harness racing, polo, cowboys and the West, reference material generally only available in obscure manuals, and mounted games, a test of horsemanship and horsemastership. Although the armed forces no longer include horse cavalry, it is included for sentimental reasons. Under "General," there is an outlined plan for a 100 mile ride (over other than mountainous country), and under "Horse Shows" there is a brief planning guide for horse show managers. Lots of illustrations. 216 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1961, S/C... $5.00

Lame Horse: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
by: Rooney, Dr. James R.

Discusses many of the well-known types of lameness in the horse, considering the clinical signs, the cause of those clinical signs, the cause of the lesion, and what might be done to prevent, and in some instances, treat that lesion. the locomotor subsystem of the horse is examined in detail. This system may be defined as a mechanism – muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments – subjected to an input, the force of gravity, and producing an output, movement (or the special case of movement: standing still) under the control of a regulating system: the central and peripheral nervous system. Dr. Rooney examines in detail the normal foreleg of the horse, foreleg lameness, the normal and abnormal rear leg, the vertebral column, and preventing lameness. Photos & illustrations. 244 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c.1974, S/C... $15.00

Practical Horse Psychology
by: Williams, Moyra

Psychology is the study of the mind, and it's method is scientific. By means of systematic observations and experiments a good deal has been discovered about the mind. This book is an attempt to collect this material together and present it to those interested in horses. In the days when naturalists were making their first observations on animal behavior, they were also as a rule travelling to their places of work in horse drawn vehicles. In those days the horse was a most valued friend and assistant, and some interesting anecdotes were recorded of his behavior, and many questions were raised. Even today, the workings of the mind, especially in animals such as the horse, still retain many mysteries. But, by understanding what we do know, we can find added interest and enjoyment of horses, and thus make our lives, and the lives of our horses, easier. Illustrations. 194 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1978, S/C...$10.00

Problem Horse: Tested Guide For Curing Horse Behavior Faults
by: Summerhays, Reginald S.

In this book of twenty-five chapters – each of which deals with a particular vice or failing – the author describes those cures that have stood the test of experience. For those faults that have no certain cure, he presents methods of treatment that will help the horse owner or trainer with the most stubborn problems. Mr. Summerhays' advice is simply and clearly expressed, and his suggested remedies are limited, so far as possible, to those that even the novice can apply with every hope of success. 112 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1960, S/C... $5.00

Ride Western: A Complete Guide To Western Horsemanship
by: Taylor, Louis

Chapters cover: the foundation of western horsemanship, birth and growth of western horsemanship, how to begin, advanced western riding, training old style, training basic modern method, the reining horse, the steer horse, cutting, barrel racing, the trail horse, along with notes on equipment. B/W photos. 229 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1968, S/C...$7.00

Schooling Your Young Horse
by: Wheatley, George

With the aid of dozens of photographs and line drawings, the author takes you through the various steps you will need to master in order to train your horse properly. Beginning with first year handling, discipline, and stable manners, Mr. Weatley progresses through the second, third, and fourth years to mounting, backing, jumping, elementary dressage, work on two tracks, and boxing. He concludes with a summary of his entire training method. When you have completed training your horse according to the method Mr. Weatley has so competently demonstrated, you should have a "well-schooled and obedient horse, well-mannered both in and out of the stable." He should prove to be a pleasant companion, who is easy to handle and ride no matter what difficulties you may encounter. B/W photos. 114 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1968, S/C... $7.00

Stable Management For The Owner-Groom
by: Wheatley, George

Besides the important features of grooming, handling, and feeding, the author deals, in nontechnical language, with such aspects as stabling, stable equipment, tack, lunging, clipping, treatment of wounds, breeding, and keeping a stallion. There are many illustrations throughout the book – both drawings and photographs – that the reader will find invaluable. 262 pgs.
A classic that is still in-print.
c. 1966, S/C... $7.00

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