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Careers for Animal Lovers & Other Zoological Types
by: Miller, Louise

Lets career explorers look at the job market through the unique lens of their own interests. The book reveals dozens of ways to pursue a passion and make a living--including many little-known but delightful careers that will surprise readers. 158 ps.
c. 1991, H/C (Regular Price $11.95)...$7.95
Condition: Very Good, ex-library, usual library markings otherwise very clean inside

Careers Working With Animals
by: Hodge, Guy

Introduction to occupational opportunities working with animals. Includes information on the historical profile of the animal welfare & conservation movements, self-assessments such as attitude, emotion and philosopies, career profiles of 23 different careers, education, training and experience. B/W photos.147 pgs.
c. 1979, S/C...$15.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good - like new

Complete Book Of Pet Names: An ASPCA Book
by: Greenfield, George
Names & stories of how some pets got their names. Includes names & stories for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, reptiles, amphbians, & horses. Also includes a chapter on the basics of pet care. 238 pgs.
c. 1997, S/C...$9.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good inside, cover in fair condition

Complete Tracker
by: McDougall, Len

The Complete Tracker is a concise, thorough guide to the tracks, signs, and habits of North America's most popular species of wildlife. Readers learn the secrets of a master tracker, assembling a clear picture from tracks, scat, and other signs. Was it a dog or a wolf? Fox or coyote? Did it pass by yesterday or an hour ago? The Complete Tracker also teaches how to get close to animals - everything from bobcats to beavers, marmots to moose - by knowing the details of their habits and a master-tracker's tips on avoiding detection. Over eighty line drawings show tracks of forty-five different species of wildlife under a great variety of terrain conditions. 273 pgs.
c. 1997, S/C...$14.95

Creatures of the Kingdom: Stories About Animals & Nature
by: Michener, James A.

In these sixteen wonderful stories, bestselling author James A. Michener lights up nature's most awesome and beguiling handiwork--from the sublime shaping and reshaping of earth's land and seas to the ridiculous armadillo whose assault on a bit of Texas real estate paid off handsomely. Chosen from Michener's most popular books--including one story never before published in paperback--these mini-masterpieces take us deep into the secret lives of animals and the hidden world of nature. In them we hear the music of the spheres and feel the heartbeat of creation. 16 drawings. 281 pgs.
c. 1993, H/C...$22.00

Dictionary Of Animal Words & Phrases
by: Lyman, Darryl
A rich blend of historical & contemporary animal related words & phrases we commonly use. The standard English dictionary defines "grill", but it does not explain the meaning or origin of the expression "about the gills". It defines bull, but does not explain the phrase "a bull in a china shop". 280 pgs.
Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good - Like New

Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: & Other Unexplained Powers of Animals
by: Sheldrake, Rupert

Sheldrake shares the results of his five-year study of the paranormal abilities of animals, reaffirms the anecdotal evidence shared by thousands of pet owners, and proves that animals communicate telepathically. 32 line drawings. 352 pgs.
c. 2000, S/C...$14.00

Domestic Descendants (Wild Wild World Of Animals)
by: Time Life TV

Dogs, cats, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, chickens. Based on the television series, Wild Wild World Of Animals.Color photos. 128 pgs.
c. 1979, H/C...$10.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Edible Plants and Animals: Unusual Foods from Aardvark to Zamia
by: Livingston, A.D. & Livingston, Helen

With 500 brief entries equally divided between edible animals and edible plants, this book will help preserve our knowledge of foods from prehistoric times and broaden our cultural tolerance of other's food choices. Entries include scientific and common names, uses, geographic distribution, toxic portions, and sometimes directions for preparation, nutritional values, and bibliographic citations. In a few cases, entries are supplemented with line drawings and recipes. Entries, which are arranged by common names, are occasionally enriched with historical references. For instance, Prickly Pears notes that during Operation Desert Storm maps issued to troops in the Persian Gulf listed these plants as a survival food. Currants and Gooseberries mentions that during World War II currants were raised in England because of a shortage of sources of vitamin C. The recipe for fried green tomatoes (in Tomatoes), long a southern delicacy, mentions this dish as the title of a recent movie and book. The text includes numerous see and see also references as well as occasional mention of nonfood uses (e.g., Walnuts, Yaks). The short bibliography includes such classics as The U.S. Armed Forces Survival Manual (1980), Schneider's Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables (1986), and Tannahill's Food in History (rev. ed., 1988). The very detailed index includes popular and Latin names, geographic areas subdivided by food names, and individuals or groups associated with certain foods. 304 pgs.
c. 1993, H/C... $29.95

Endangered Species: Opposing Viewpoints Series

The extinction of the earth's endangered species is one of the most serious environmental issues today. Scientists, politicians, and activists debate how best to balance human needs with the needs of other species. Is Extinction a Serious Problem? Are Efforts to Preserve Endangered Species Effective? Should Endangered Species Take Priority over Jobs and Property Rights? How Can Endangered Species Be Protected in Other Countries? Provides: Lists of organizations to contact; Critical thinking activities and discussion questions; Illustrations, inserts, and cartoons.156 pgs.
c. 2001, H/C (Regular $36.20)...$10.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good -like new, ex-library, usual library markings othewrwise like new

Evolution Of Culture In Animals
by: Bonner, John Tyler

The great virtue of the book is the re-creation of culture and culture-mimicking behaviors throughout the animal kingdom, an essential step in understanding the probable origins and unique qualities of human sociality. Professor Bonner's style is, as always, witty, and wholly lucid. Illustrations. 217 pgs.
c. 1980, H/C...$9.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good, like new with dust jacket

Exotic Zoology
by: Ley, Willy

A wonderful omnibus of Willy Ley's best writing as a romantic naturalist gathered from his three famous books of scientific mysteries - rearranged, expanded, & brought up to date with accounts of some fascinating recent discoveries. Some mysteries have been solved; such as the common eel, whose method of reprodcution & breeding grounds long defied research. Then there are mysteries still unsloved - the abominable snowman. Other stories, mysterious for their survival, remain virtually unchanged for millions of years, such as the horseshoe crab or the Australian lungfish. 466 pgs.
c. 1959, H/C...$15.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Good w/ dust jacket, ex-library, usual library markings, half of last page of index missing, all other pages in good shape

First Pet History Of The World
by: Comfort, David

With wit and irreverence, the author offers animal lovers and history buffs an unprecedented pop reference of pets. From the Bone Age right up to the Age of Future Pets, this lively and engaging guide sheds new light on what life was like for a wide-ranging menagerie of pets, including dogs, cats, birds, snakes, horses, and even gorillas.320 pgs.
c. 1994, S/C...$5.00
Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Fair - Ex Lib

Flattened Fauna
by: Knutson, Roger M.

Field guide to common animals found on the road, streets & highways.

Four-Legged Legends Of Montana
by: Shirley, Gayle C.

Ten true tales about Montana's most remarkable animals, past & present, including faithful dogs, wily wolves, swift horses & many others. Illustrated. 79 pgs.
c. 1993, S/C...$7.95
Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Like New

God's Messengers: What Animals Teach Us About The Divine
by: Anderson, Allen & Linda
Exploring old age questions about the healing power of love, the presence of God, and the interconnectedness of all life, the authors offer extraordinary true stories about animals that answer and affirm belief. 237 pgs.
c. 2003, S/C...$14.95

Goodbye Dear Friend
by: Ironside, Virginia

Coming to terms with the death of your pet, it acknowledges both the extent and depth of grief for your pet. 192 pgs.
c. 1994, H/C...$11.95

Goodbye Friend
by: Kowalski, Gary

Healing wisdom for anyone who has ever lost a pet. 159 pgs.
c. 1997, S/C...$11.95

Good-Bye My Friend: Grieving The Loss Of A Pet
by: Montgomery, Mary & Herb

This booklet helps you deal with the loss of your pet. It deals with the pain you feel, the stages of grief, anger, outlets for grief, how long will grieving last, helping children deal with loss, & when to get a new pet. Illustrated. 32 pgs.
c. 1991, Booklet, (Regular Price $7.00)...$5.95
Condition: Like new except first page, "for:" & "in rememberance:" blanks filled in

Green Volunteers: The World Guide To Voluntary Work In Nature Conservation
The world's leading source of conservation volunteering opportunities. Lists over 200 projects and organizations through which volunteers can work - without previous experience - year round, with marine mammals, sea turtles, primates, and a wide range of wildlife in National Parks, rainforests, and a variety of unusual locations in the five continents. For those who have limited time but wish to experience a unique holiday, the guide lists many projects lasting from one to three weeks in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, Africa, and all over the world. (Annual updates are available via the internet an no cost.) 254 pgs.
c. 2005, 5th Ed, S/C...$14.95

Guardian of the Wild: The Story of the National Wildlife Federation, 1936-1986
by: Allen, Thomas B.

Tells the story of the Nationl Wildlife Federation's founding, its early years of struggle, its policies & accomplishments. Insert of 8 pages of B/W photos. 212 pgs.
c. 1987, H/C...$15.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limted
Condition: Very Good, ex-library, usual library markings

Handbook Of Animal Radio-Tracking
by: Mech, L. David
Uses, history, transmitting, receiving, frequency, pulse rates, techniques. 107 pgs.

How Animals Have Sex: A Guide to the Reproductive Habits of Creatures Great & Small
by: Strorm, David

Find out which animals engage in dance competitions, cannibalism, and intercourse that lasts for six months. Discover why lady weevils have a really hard time of it. And why the female Mormon cricket isn't offended when her partner insists on weighing her first. Marvel at the transgender clownfish, and gaze with envy at the humble barnacle and its remarkable sexual-organ-to-body-length ratio. In the world of animal sex there are apparently few traits or behaviors nature has deemed too bizarre to evolve.How Animals Have Sex is hilariously informative, filled with breathtaking facts and astonishing color photographs. 144 pgs.
c. 2006, S/C...$15.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good, like new

How They Do It
by: Wallace, Robert

An entertaining look at the mating habits of some 50 common and rare species, from lions and elephants to bedbugs and seahorses. 172 pgs.

How To Make A Miniature Zoo
by: Brown, Vinson

Deals with small animals (rodents, insects, spiders,etc.). Tells how to maintain a terrarium, attract wildlife, planning, habitats, and supplies. 244 pgs.
c.1987...H/C, 3rd Ed...$16.95

How To Make A Miniature Zoo
by: Brown, Vinson

Deals with small animals (rodents, insects, spiders,etc.). Tells how to maintain a terrarium, attract wildlife, planning, habitats, and supplies. 244 pgs.
c.1987...S/C, 3rd Ed...$7.95

Introduced Mammals of the World
by: Lon, John

Their history, distribution and influence. This comprehensive work provides an account of the movement of 337 species of mammals around the world. It provides a very valuable tool by which scientists can assess future potential introductions (or re-introductions) to avoid costly mistakes. It also provides tangible proof of the need for political decision makers to consider good advice and make wise and cautious decisions. It provides details on the date of introduction, the person or agency responsible, the source populations, the location of release, the fate of the introductions and the impact, if known, of the introduction. 589 pages
c. 2003, H/C...$140.00

Kingdoms Of The East: Animals Of The Orient
by: Willock, Colin

Explores original separation of land masses & animals species movements.

Land & Wildlife Of Australia (Life Nature Library)
by: Bergamini, David

Chapters: The dry continent, a long isolation & its results, two that time forgot, the meat eaters, the mixed feeders, deadly snakes & giant lizards, the birds of down under, human holdovers from the stone age. B/W & Color photos. 198 pgs.
c. 1964, H/C...$15.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Lonestar Menagerie: Adventures with Texas Wildlife
by: Harris, Jim

There's more than one kind of Texas native - we share our magnificent state (Texas) with numerous other species, some with four legs or more and some with no legs at all. Naturalist Jim Harris has studied most of them, and in Lone Star Menagerie he shares some little-known facts, fascinating tales, and amusing personal experiences with these creatures that we live alongside, such as: Texas longhorn, buzzards, horned toads, ringtail, roadrunner, coyote, scorpions, kangaroo rats, hawks, pronghorn, tarantula, bats, mockingbird, javelina, alligator gar, whooping crane, weevil & worm, deer, rattlesnake, & armadillo. 239 pgs.
c. 2000, S/C...$18.95

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