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A Beginner's Guide to Keeping Frogs & Lizards
by: Keeling, C. H.

What are lizards & frogs, pre-purchase thoughts, housing, health, species.
c.1986, S/C...$8.00

All About Iguanas
by: Roberts, Mervin F. & Martha

Selection, natural history, species, food, handling, housing, diseases.
c. 1976, H/C...$11.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Condition: Good-Very Good

All About Iguanas
by: Roberts, Mervin F. & Martha

Selection, natural history, species, food, handling, housing, diseases.
c. 1976, S/C...$7.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Condition: Good-Very Good

All About Your Iguana
by: Newman, Chris
An excellent book for the beginner. Everything you need to know about buying, feeding, housing, caring for, and health problems of the ferret. Color photos. 31 pgs.
c. 2000, S/C...$3.50

Alligators: Prehistoric Presence in the American Landscape
by: Strawn, Martha

Photographer Martha Strawn has taken more than 40,000 photographs of the alligator--in freshwater marshes and swamps, lakes and ponds, rivers, bayous, brackish estuaries, and saltwater coastal marshes and backwaters, from Texas to North Carolina. Alligators, Prehistoric Presence in the American Landscape offers a selection of 151 of Strawn's photographs in a unique book that combines art, science, history, folklore, land ethics, and literature to tell the story of America's southern landscape and one of its most evocative creatures. Strawn covers such topics as mating and reproduction, hunting, loss of habitat, resource management, and the commercial meat and skin industries. 240 pgs.
c.1997, H/C...$39.95

Bearded Dragons & Frilled Lizards
by: Hauschild, Andree & Bosch, Hubert

Distribution, food, behavior, physical structure, reproduction in the wild, captive husbandry, diseases & haleth problems. 51 Color photos, 21 line drawings, 11 distribution maps. 95 pgs.
c. 2000, S/C...$25.00

by: Steel, Rodney

An examination of the crocodile and its history which stretches back over 200 million years, linking the present day with the vanished age of dinosaurs. The author discusses the possiblity of crocodile farms and planned commercial exploitation as a means to preserve certain species. However, not all crocodiles are dangerous to man and these are also covered, including the American crocodile, the New Guinea fresh-water crocodile and the little broad-nosed West African crocodile.The alligators are today represented by only two species of alligator itself, one in North Africa which the author uses as a model for the habits of other crocodiles, living and extinct, and the other in China. The gavials of India and the caimans of South America are also discussed. 208 pgs.
c.1989, H/C...$35.00

Care & Breeding of Panther, Jackson's, Veiled & Parson's Chameleons
by: Phillippe DeVosjoli

From the Chameleon Keeper's Reference Series, Vol. 1. You'll find information on natural history, conservation, captive care, selection, behavior, hatchling care, reproduction, parasites, health problems and more. Written by the top experts who keep these species. B&W and Color photos. 128 pgs.
c.1995, S/C...$12.95

Caring For Green Iguanas: Breeding, Feeding & Selection
by: Coborn, John

Natural history, housing, feeding, breeding, veterinary perspective, color. Color Photos. 48 pgs.
c. 1994, S/C...$9.95

Chameleon Handbook
by: LeBerre, Francois
Advice on purchasing, terrarium maintenance, nutrition, training, health, care, feeding, breeding, understanding their behavior. 128 pgs.
c. 2000, S/C...$10.95

Chameleons: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
by: Bartlett, R.D.

All about selection, care, nutrition, diseases, breeding, behavior. Color photos. 103 pgs.
c.1995, S/C...$6.95

Day Geckos
by: Rundquist, Eric

Feeding, breeding, housing, diseases, species, subspecies & localities.
c.1994, S/C...$9.95

Endangered Species: Crocodiles & Alligators
by: Levy, Charles

Crocodiles in myth, religion & art, evolution, species, reproduction & social life, hunting & feeding, conservation. Color photos. 128 pgs.
c. 1991, H/C...$20.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Good

Geckos: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
by: Bartlett, R.D.

This manual offers expert advice on purchasing geckos, setting up different types of terrariums, feeding, breeding, and health maintenance of these lizards. There is also detailed information on gecko physiology and geckos in their natural environment. Color photos. 104 pgs.
c.1995, S/C...$6.95

General Care & Maintenance of Bearded Dragons
by: De Vosjoli, Philippe

Contents: Herpetoculturists & the law; general info; selection; housing & maintenance; feeding; handling; breeding; diseases & disorders; notes on species; other animals; & references. B/W & color photos. 63 pgs.
c.1993, S/C...$11.50

General Care & Maintenance of Day Geckos
by: Mckeown, Sean

You'll find many beautiful color photos and superb husbandry information combined and written by one of the best. Housing, care, set-ups (including commercial), feeding, breeding, diseases and disorders, species accounts and more. 143 pgs.
c.1993, S/C...$17.95

General Care & Maintenance of Green Anoles
by: De Vosjoli, Philippe

General info, housing, basic vivarium, feeding, health, breeding.
c.1992, S/C...$6.00

General Care & Maintenance of Green Iguana
by: De Vosjoli, Philippe

Selection, housing, feeding, grooming, breeding.
c.1990, Booklet...$5.00

General Care & Maintenance of Leopard Geckos & African Fat-Tailed Geckos
by: De Vosjoli, Phillippe

General care and maintenance, housing, feeding, breding, health .
c.1990, Booklet...$6.00

Giant Lizards
by: Sprackland, Robert

This is an unusual book. It deals with a totally artificial assemblage of animals, chosen on the arbitrary basis of size. General introduction to the care and keeping of larger lizards, veterinary care and laws governing collection & acquisition. Many color pohtos. 288 pgs.
c.1992, H/C...$89.95

Iguana: An Owners Guide To A Happy Healthy Pet
by: Rosenthal, Karen DVM

Happy, Healthy Pet guides focus on different kinds of pets, the emphasis remains on making the pet a companion. In addition, owners of more unusual pets will particularly appreciate the expert advice in these books because professional care for their animals may be difficult to come by. As always, the instruction is from experts. Chapters: Where they come from, choosing a pet, setting up facilities, feeding, health.
c.1996, H/C...$12.95

Iguana Handbook
by: R.D. Bartlett & Patricia Bartlett
Solid advice and fascinating insights about purchasing an iguana, keeping a terrarium, nutrition, health care, enclosures & accessories, breeding, and more. Color photos. 163 pgs.
c. 2000, S/C...$10.95

Iguanas For Dummies
by: Kaplan, Melissa
For Dummies, the best-selling book series. Chapters include:So you wanna iguana?, species and the lizard, setting up the environment, basic iguana care, socializing your iguana, health and well-being, breeding and reproduction, toxic and edible plants, publications and booksellers, supply resources. Color & B/W photos. 353 pgs.
c.2000, S/C...$19.99

Iguanas... Getting Started
by: Ferrel, Shelly K.
Cage maintenance, general care & feeding, constructing a cage, captive breeding, common illnesses, mites. Color photos. 96 pgs.
c.1992, S/C...$8.95

Iguanas In Your Home
by: Smith, R.M.

Selection, Housing, Breeding, Feeding, Handling, & Taming, Health Problems
c. 1996, H/C...$12.95

Iguanas Of The World: Their Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation
Edited by: Burghardt & Rand
A professional and reference book in ethology devoted to the better understanding of animal behavior, ecology, conservation, and management. Systematics and biogeography, food and energetics, demography and life history strategies, adaptive behavior and communication, social organization, conservation and management. 472 pgs.
c. 1982, H/C...$79.00

Iguanas: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
by: Bartlett, R.D.

Everything about selection, care, nutrition, diseases, breeding, behavior, species. Color photos. 88 pgs.
c.1995, S/C...$6.95

Introduction To Horned Lizards Of North America (CA Natural History Guides)
by: Sherbrooke, Wade
Detailed species accounts of biology, ecology, & evolution; describes their role in mythology, culture & art; Includes all species of horned lizards in the U.S., Canada & Mexico. Color photos, range maps. 177 pgs.
c. 2003, S/C...$16.95

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