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All About Boas & Other Snakes
by: Roberts, Mervin F
Introduction to boas, native American snakes, keeping as pets, cages, feeding, breeding, hibernation, snake bites, handling, accessories. Color Pictures. 96 pgs.
c. 1975, S/C...$5.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Good-Very Good

Atlas of Snakes of the World
by: Coborn, John

Provides the ultimate snake reference book, with short discussions on all the familes, subfamilies, and genera, and illustrated with over 1400 color photos representing hundreds of species. Many of the snakes illustrated rarley have been photographed and are virtually unknow to most hobbyists and even to most herpetologists. Additionally, a detailed introductory covers all aspects of snake husbandry, from housing & feeding to breeding & disease. The thorough photo coverage & detailed text make this the most comprehensive illustrated survey of snakes ever published. Over 1400 color photos. 591 pgs.
Booksize: 14" x 10" x 2"
c.1991, H/C, Oversize...$129.95

Boas & Other Non-Venomous Snakes
by: Frank, Dr Werner

Chapters on: Snakes at home, why keep snakes, accomodations, quarantine & general hints for snake hygiene, feeding, morphology & ecology of snakes, diseases, easy-to-keep species, hard-to-keep snakes. B/W & Color photos. 93 pgs.
c. 1989, H/C...$10.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Boas & Pythons & Other Friendly Snakes
by: Coborn, John

History, species, housing, maintenance, feeding, breeding.
c. 1992, H/C... $29.95

Corn Snakes & Other Rat Snakes: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
by: R.D.Bartlett & Patricia Bartlett
Expert advice on behavior, purchasing, housing, feeding, caging, breeding, species, and much more. Color photos. 104 pgs.
c.1996, S/C...$6.95

Garter Snakes Their Natural History & Care In Captivity
by: Sweeney, Roger

Anatomy, defenses, housing, feeding, handling, health, breeding, species. 136 pgs.
c.1992, H/C...$14.95

Garter Snakes: The Ribbon Snakes & Water Snakes: Captive Husbandry & Reproduction

Comprehensive guide to equipment & techniques to achieve husbandry success. 46 pgs.
c.1993, Booklet...$5.00

General Care & Maintenance of Burmese Pythons
by: De Vosjoli, Philippe

Keeping giant snakes requires large caging and the knowledge of certain procedures for safe handling and maintenance. Husbandry and captive breeding of this popular species is covered in great detail. The original AFH guidelines for responsible ownership and handling of large pythons are included. A chapter presents information on other giant pythons with similar care. Although a black and white book, it remains one of the best on the subject. 44 pgs.
c.1991, S/C...$7.50

General Care & Maintenance of Common Kingsnakes
by: Perlowin, David

Kingsnakes are some of the most beautiful and hardy of all pet snakes. Author David Perlowin has assembled one of the most thorough books on the husbandry, captive breeding of these popular N. American snakes. Common medical problems are covered. Most subspecies and morphs are represented through many color photographs. 71 pgs.
c.1992, S/C...$9.95

General Care & Maintenance of Milk Snakes
by: Applegate, Robert

This book will provide essential information for the long-term care and maintenance of this beautiful and variable species in an informal manner by the top expert in this field. Includes: what to do before buying a milk snake, acclimation, housing and maintenance, feeding, schedding, breeding, record keeping, diseases and disorders and much more. Color photos. 71 pgs.
c.1992, S/C...$9.95

General Care & Maintenance of Red-Tailed Boas
by: DeVosjoli, Philippe

Selection, housing, maintenance, breeding, feeding, diseases. 48 pgs.
c.1990, S/C...$7.50

Keeping & Breeding Corn Snakes
by: McEachern, Michael

General info, housing, feeding, growth, hibernation, breeding, shedding. 60 pgs.
c.1991, S/C...$8.50

Keeping & Breeding Snakes
by: Mattison, Chris

Featuring the most up-to-date equipment, expanded facts on feeding, and newly written species accounts, along with 70 full-color photographs and updated diagrams, this guide provides all the essentials that every snake-keeper should know. * Set the correct degree of temperature, humidity, and light for your snake to thrive--it not only wants to be warm, it needs to be. * Fix up a cage in ways that make snakes feel comfortable and secure. * Keep your snake healthy with valuable advice on disease prevention, covering overhandling; the introduction of wild species into a cage; bacterial, viral, and parasite infections; and other miscellaneous problems. * Mate and breed snakes--even incubate eggs. Plus--special information on selective breeding. * Full species accounts include boas, pythons, colubrid, venomous, and small snakes. Color. 224 pgs.
c.1995, S/C...$16.95

Kingsnakes & Milk Snakes
by: Markel, Robert

Covers the almost 50 valid species and subspecies of kingsnakes and milk snakes, genus Lampropeltis. Among the most colourful snakes they are hardy and of gentle temperament making them popular as pets. Information includes care and captive breeding information, and descriptions and range maps for all species and subspecies. Color photos. 144 pgs.
c. 1989, H/C...$35.95

Kingsnakes & Milk Snakes
by: Smith, J.E.

Acquisition, housing, cage maintenance, feeding, breeding, common health problems. 64 pgs.
c.1996, H/C...$12.95

Kingsnakes & Milk Snakes: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
by: Markel, Ronald

Purchase, care, nutrition, breeding, behavior, training, housing. Color photos. 120 pgs.
c.1995, S/C...$6.95

Kingsnakes & Milk Snakes (Video)
Complete video guide to care & breeding.
c.1998, Video, VHS 60 min...$19.95
On Sale $13.95

Manual Of Lizards & Snakes
by: Staniszewski, Marc

A practical introduction to the hobby of keeping and breeding these creatures in the home. Covers: Buying, handling, feeding, breeding, health, species, housing. Color photos. 151 pgs.
c.1990, H/C...$24.95

Milk Snakes
by: Mara, W.P.

Natural history, house, feed, breed, disease, every species in color. 64 pgs.
c.1994, S/C...$9.95

Mini-Atlas Of Snakes Of The World
by: Coborn, John

Over 500 species illustrated & over 950 full color photos. 736 pgs.
c.1994, H/C...$59.95

Nonvenomous Snakes
by: Trutnau, Ludwig

This heavily illustrated handbook for breeders, hobbyists, and naturalists describes 100 species, with 63 full-color photos, and advice on feeding, breeding, and maintaining snakes in captivity. 191 pgs.
c. 1981, H/C...$24.00

Pythons: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
by: Bartlett, Patricia

There are approximately two dozen different varieties of this large, nonpoisonous constrictor snake, and the most important collectors' breeds are shown and described here. Information for owners includes instructions on safe handling, maintaining a healthful environment, feeding, protection against parasites, and general health care. Full-color photos. Line drawings. 96 pgs.
c.1997, S/C...$6.95

Rat Snakes
by: Walls, Jerry G.

Many species of rat snakes, genus Elaphe, are popular in the terrarium, and this introduction covers all the essentials of terrarium care, feeding, and breeding of the most common species, including the Corn Snake. Fully illustrated in color. 64 pgs.
c.1994, S/C...$9.95

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