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A Hill Shepherd Trains His Border Collies

by: Scrimgeour, Derek & His Champion Killbrae Sheepdogs
With hundreds of sheep grazing on miles of steep rock Derek relies heavily on a team of capable and talented dogs to gather the sheep throughout the year. He shows his techniques for training a dog to flank, lie down, outrun, drive shed, go back and much more. Then he shows how these skills are used in everyday work situations. He gives training seminars and clinics and continues to judge. This video is regarded by many as the best training video on this subject. Derek is also the author of the highly acclaimed book Talking Sheepdogs.
c. 2004, DVD, 90 Min...$29.95

Border Collie Sheepdogs - Off Duty
by: Nickless, Andy & Watson, Gillian

Working collies as you’ve never seen them before, with stunning photography and an inspiring soundtrack that draws you into the action. 16 action packed chapters include Mel making a Sega commercial, the dogs spending a day at the beach, puppies galore, ‘watersport’, country walks and super action - a fabulous sheepdog slideshow and 18 great music tracks. A unique insight into the delightful character of the world’s favorite working and companion dog breed. No narration - the dogs and music say it all!
c. 2005, DVD, 80 min...$29.95

Breaking & Training the Driving Horse
by: Ganton, Doris

Choice of equipment, rigging technique, step-by-step instruction.
c. 1988, VHS, 90 min...$39.95
On Sale $27.95

Centered Riding: Tape 1
by: Swift, Sally

Sally Swift covers the basic Centered Riding concepts, showing the relationship between the rider and the motion of the Horse.
On Sale $27.95

Centered Riding: Tape 2
by: Swift, Sally

Sally Swift applies her Centered Riding techniques to the sitting trot, circles, canter, lateral work, and jumping.
On Sale $27.95

Communicating With Mules (DVD)
by: Edwards, Steve
The author reveals some of his time-tested methods for gaining a mule's respect, including: communication through the bit; handling lines to back, whoa and turn; using a comealong hitch for foundation training; halter work to get the mule soft and supple; training a mule to pick up its feet on demand; surcingling to get the mule balanced and ready to carry the bit. He also explains the importance of training both the left and right side of a mule's brain and shows how to tell when your mule is (or is not) in a trainable mood. DVD, 145 minutes
c. 2007, DVD... $39.00

Designer Pumpkins
by: Ayers, Jerry

An instructional video. The author will guide you through the basics of pumpkin carving.
Also available as a book. See next listing.
c.1995, VHS, 30 Min....$9.95
On Sale $6.95

Designer Pumpkins
by: Ayers, Jerry

An instructional book. The author will guide you through the basics of pumpkin carving.
c.1995, S/C...$9.95

Early Learning with Robert M. Miller, DVM

by: Miller, Robert DVM
Complete training of the newborn foal during its imprinting & critical periods. After using these techniques your foal will accept grooming, hoof trimming, clipping, veterinary examinations, trailer loading, & will be unafraid of plastic, paper, strang objects & new experiences. 120 minutes
c. 1995, DVD, 120 Min...$39.95

Enhanced Foal Training: Imagine A Horse with Allen Pogue
by: Pogue, Allen

Enhanced Foal Training helps to instill correct & desired behaviors in a horse from the very beginning. It is a methodoloy for brining up young horses to be honest, highly intellient, & most impotantly, adaptable. It begins in conjuction with traditional imprinting & includes non-stressful exercises & games that are fun & help to infuse trust & a lasting bond between foal & handler. Foals begin to learn a life long work ethic that applies to independent work & working in unison with other foals. Running time 54 min.
c. 2004, 54 min, DVD...$39.00

Equine Nutrition
by: Meadows, Dr. Doyle

Art, science & common sense of feeding horses.
c. 1987, VHS, 65 Min... $69.95
On Sale $48.95

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