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Peterson Field Guide To Eastern Birds
by: Peterson, Roger Tory

Identification & information guide to all the birds of eastern and central North America - including accidentals, exotics, and escapes - shown in full color, usually in several plumages, and describned in detail. Complete easy to read, up-to-date range maps showing summer & winter ranges, breeding grounds, and other special range information. Color illustrations. 384 pgs
c. 1980, 4th ed Rev., S/C...$13.95

Petersen Field Guide To Hummingbirds Of North America
by: Williamson, Sheri L.

Covering 31 North American species, with more than 250 color photos and 33 maps, this is the most comprehensive field guide to hummingbirds. It has the detail needed for making difficult identifications, and it includes introductory chapters on the natural history of hummingbirds, ways to attract and feed them, and the major North American hot spots for watching these birds. 263 pgs.
c. 2001, S/C...$22.00
Condition: Inside like new, outside shows wear on cover

Peterson Field Guide To Western Birds
by: Peterson, Roger Tory

Identification and information guide. This classic guide includes all species of land & water birds found in North America west of the 100th meridian, with a section on Hawaiian birds. More than 1200 illustrations, with over 600 in color - males, females, adults, juveniles, & special plumages. 309 pgs.
c. 1961, 2nd Ed, S/C...$12.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good

by: Dennis, Roy

Roy Dennis writes clearly & sensitively of his experiences working among Puffins and his observations are brought into focus with unique color photographs. But behind the busy antics of the Puffin emerges a struggle for survival, and there is are important conservation lessons to be learned. Color photos. 48 pgs.
c. 1990, S/C...$9.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good except some ink marks and circled words in text

Purple Martin
by: Doughty, Robin & Fergus, Rob

The authors present a concise natural history of the bird and its centuries-long companionship with people. They discuss the martin's scientific classification and names, its migration and range and its family life. They relate how, through history, people have helped the martins survive by providing housing for them after their natural habitats were lost. Their are also resources available for fellow martin enthusiasts. 93 pages Color and B/W photos
c. 2002, First Edition, H/C (Regular Price $17.95)...$15.00
Condition: Very Good, Ex-Library with minimal library markings

Rare & Exotic Birds (Odyssey Library)
by: Murphy, Dr Robert Cushman

Combines text by leading authorities & full-color illustrations by outstanding artists & photographers, in a convenient, compact format. 45 pgs.
c. 1964, Pocketsize, H/C...$12.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good no writing. binding good, slight wear on outside cover edges

Rare Bird: Pursuing the Mystery of the Marbled Murrelet
by: Mudd-Ruth, Maria

Part naturalist detective story, part environmental inquiry, this vibrant narrative celebrates the fascinating world of an endangered seabird that depends on the contested old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest for its survival 'This chunky little seabird stole my heart.' So confesses Maria Mudd Ruth, a veteran nature writer perfectly happy to be a generalist before getting swept up in the strange story of the marbled murrelet. This curiosity of nature, who flies like a little brown bullet at up to 100 miles an hour and lives most of its life offshore, is seen around land only during breeding season, when the female lays a single egg high on a mossy tree limb in the ancient coastal forest. 298 pgs.
c. 2005, H/C...$23.95

Reed Field Guide to New Zealand Birds
by: Moon, Geoff

The information in this book includes both common and up-to-date scientific names, together with descriptions of each bird's habitat, distribuion, physical characteristics, voice, food and breeding habits. Plummage differences between the sexes are illustrated. Over 360 photos. 256 pages
c. 1992, H/C... $34.95

Roger Tory Peterson: The Art and Photography of the World's Foremost Birder
by: Zinsser, William Knowlton

For more than 70 years, Roger Tory Peterson has painted and photographed birds of the world. His Field Guide has been the bible of bird enthusiasts since 1934. This first book to celebrate Dr. Peterson's artistic career in its entirety features 150 illustrations, 100 in color, in all media, many previously unpublished. 204 pgs.
c. 1994, Oversize, H/C... $50.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Like New

Rosie: My Rufous Hummingbird
by: Heidcamp, Arnette

The author of "A Hummingbird in My House" relates another true account of a hummingbird who took winter refuge in her upstate New York house. This time her visitor was a female Rufous hummingbird that was 2,000 miles from its home. Color photos. 160 pgs.
c. 1995, H/C...$16.00

Shell Guide to East African Birds

A combination of full color illustrations, b/w silhouettes and text are used to describe quite a number of South African birds. They are grouped into 12 sections:fresh-water lakes and swamps, rivers and riverine forest, alkaline lakes, east african coast, rain forest, highland forest, acacia woodland, miombo woodland, highland bush and grasslands, semi-desert bush, open plains and mountains and inland cliff dwellers. 28 pages.
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Good, penciling throughout and some shelf wear, previous owners name on front cover

Sibley's Birding Basics
by: Sibley, David Allen

The quintessential activity of birding--identification--is the subject of this compact, easy-to-use, wonderfully helpful book by America's premier living painter of birds, author and illustrator of The Sibley Guide to Birds. Here Sibley details everything the birder needs to know to identify species, using the clues in feathers, habitats, behaviors, & sounds. Color illustrations. 154 pgs.
c. 2002, S/C... $15.95

Sibley Guide to Birds (National Audubon Society)
by: Sibley, David Allen

The entire birding world, from expert ornithologists to backyard enthusiasts, has been waiting for Sibley's work to be made available in a field-usable form. Containing the renowned artist's superbly lucid and comprehensive text, this guide features more than 6,500 of his detailed watercolor paintings, and descriptions of 810 species and 350 regional populations. It provides a wealth of new information: Captioned illustrations show many previously unpublished field marks and revisions of known marks; Nearly every species is shown in flight; Measurements include length, wingspan, and weight for every species; Subspecies and geographic varients are covered thoroughly; Complete voice descriptions are included for every species; Maps show the complete distribution of every species: summer and winter ranges, migration routes, and rare occurrences; An introductory page for each family or group of related families makes comparisons simple; Clear and concise labels with pointers identify field marks directly; Birds are illustrated in similar poses to make comparisons between species quick and easy; Illustrations emphasize the way birds look in the field. 546 pgs.
c. 2000, S/C...$39.00

Simon & Schuster Guide To Birds Of The World
by: Bologna, Gianfranco

Identification & information guide. More than 500 full-color photographs & illustrations covering 424 species of birds from around the world. 512 pgs.

Sold For A Farthing
by: Kipps, Clare

Carefully recorded biography of a common sparrow from cradle to grave.
c. 1953, H/C...$12.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Song & Garden Birds Of North America
by: Wetmore, Alexander

327 species portrayed in color and fully described. Reveals secrets of their lives, courting rituals, battles for territory, lists of bird field marks & ranges. Color photos. 400 pgs.
c. 1964, H/C...$19.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Song & Garden Birds Of North America and
Water, Prey & Game Birds Of North America
(2 vol set)
by: Wetmore, Alexander

Song & Garden Birds covers: 27 species portrayed in color and fully described. Reveals secrets of their lives, courting rituals, battles for territory, lists of bird field marks & range. Color photos. 400 pgs.
Water, Prey & Game Birds covers: Life histories, breeding and winter ranges, lengths, & characteristics Covers: seabirds, hawks & owls, vultures, ducks, geeses, grouse, wading birds, and little shorebirds. 329 species portrayed in color and fully described. 464 pgs. National Geographic Society Books.
c. 1964, 2 vol set, H/C...$50.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Songbirds Bible: A Visual Directory of 100 of the Most Popular Songbirds in North America
by: Proctor, Noble
The Songbirds Bible is an essential guide for the birdwatchers of North America. Every bird appears on its own two-page, full-color spread. The wire-O binding allows the book to open completely and easily, and each spread includes the following features: the common name and the Latin name of the genus and species a finely detailed illustration of the bird s shape and markings a map showing distribution throughout North America a verbal and graphic description of the song a concise list describing behavior, nest shape, food advice on attracting the birds to the reader s garden. The Songbirds Bible is not only rich in visual detail: the accompanying CD features a sample of every bird s song! Locating each sample is easy: every song appears on its own track, and each spread in the book is clearly marked with the track number. No one who is passionate about birds will want to be without this guide! 256 pgs.
c. 2006, Spiral, w/CD, H/C... $19.95

Songbirds Of America In Color Sound & Story
by: Allen, Dr. Arthur & Kellogg, Dr. Peter

24 different birds have been recorded in the field by two world famous authorities on bird songs. These 24 birds are found quite generally over the country. They are birds that issue more than just a call - they have the ability to sing in musical patterns which make up songs. The book talks some about migration patterns, uses to man, color, the ways of birds & the music of birds. The 24 birds recorded are shown in full color with a short description on the bird, its song, and where it is found. 28 pgs. Includes a record - 33 1/3 LP, High-Fidelity Record.
c. 1963, Spiral, W/Record...$20.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Book Good, Record appears to have no scratches

Song Birds Of The World
by: Austin, Oliver

Includes all familes of songbirds, over 300 species in full color.
c. 1967, S/C...$12.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Stokes Birdfeeder Book
by: Stokes, Donald & Lillian

Copiously illustrated with maps, line drawings, and full-color photographs, this large format paperback book contains the essential information that backyard nature enthusiasts want and need -- to select feeders and understand the basics of birdfeeding.
c. 1987, S/C... $9.95

Stokes Field Guide to Birds: Eastern Region
by: Stokes, Donald & Stokes, Lillian Q

The most comprehensive & easy-to-use field guide available - with more than 900 strikin color photographs - from the country's preeminent writers on birds & nature. Contains all the information you need on a single page - color photos, range maps, & detailed descriptions. With the most detailed descriptions anywhere - with information on male, female, seasonal & immature plumages, as well as feeding, nesting, beahvior, habitat, voice, birhouse & bird feeder proclivity - along with population trends & conservation status. Fast-access colored tabs keyed to each bird group. 472 pgs.
c. 1996, S/C...$16.95

Stokes Hummingbird Book
by: Stokes, Donald & Lillian

Attract amazing hummingbirds to your backyard! With this comprehensive, beautifully illustrated guide, you'll find it easy to attract these tiny jewel-like birds to your own yard. The Stokes Hummingbird Book provides all the information you need to bring hummingbirds up close, identify them, and understand their fascinating and varied behavior. The book includes: * Range maps and full-color photographs to help you identify and locate hummingbirds * Information on how to select the proper feeders, what to use in them, when to put them up, and when to take them down * Advice on what flowers to plant to attract hummingbirds in your part of the country * Amazing facts about hummingbirds, such as how fast they fly and how much they weigh * Guidelines for photographing hummingbirds * Complete information on hummingbird behavior, including flight displays, breeding habits, and feeding * A special section on attracting orioles, with photographs and behavior guides for each of the eight species found in North America * A resource list for hummingbird supplies. Beautiful color photos. 89 pgs.
c. 1989, 1st ed, S/C... $9.95

Stokes Purple Martin Book
by: Stokes, Donald & Lillian

Complete guide to attracting & housing purple martins. Copiously illustrated with maps, line drawings, and full-color photographs. 96 pgs.

Summer Bird Feeding
by: Dennis, John

Tells you what to do and how to do it to turn your backyard into a nuturing habitat for our native songbirds. Illustrated. 136 pgs.
c. 1988, S/C...$7.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Fair - Good

by: Tate, Peter

The swallow's life cycle, its arrival, breeding & departure, and its long and dangerous journey to far away winter quarters are all described.
c. 1981, H/C...$13.95

Tell Me Where It Hurts: A Day of Humor, Healing and Hope in My Life as an Animal Surgeon
by: Trout, Nick
From the front lines of modern medicine, Tell Me Where It Hurts is a fascinating insider portrait of a veterinarian, his furry patients, and the blend of old-fashioned instincts and cutting-edge technology that defines pet care in the twenty-first century. For anyone who’s ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at your veterinarian’s office, Tell Me Where It Hurts offers a vicarious journey through twenty-four intimate, eye-opening, heartrending hours at the premier Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston. 286 pgs
c. 2008, H/C... $22.95

Texas Birds: Where They Are & How To Find Them
by: Kutac, Edward

Gives all the best spots for observing & listening to Texas birdlife, with up-to-date descriptions of more than 150 different parks, refuges, & other locations, with specific road directions, a check-list of species known to inhabit that area, and useful tips on the best way to see them. B/W photos, maps. 110 pgs.
c. 1982, S/C...$9.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good

Total Penguin
by: Gorman, James

Journey to Antartica to realize the secret life of the penguin. With great humor, 18 species of peguins are studiously assessed. We become privy to how penguins meet, mix, mate, and parent. We witness the dangerous life of a penguin chick. We also learn of the history of the centuries-long relationship between penguins & people, wherein the delightful bird has been unforunately eaten, seriously studied, captured and taken to zoos, and finally, visited in their natural habitat by tourists. More than 75 color photos & 15 B/W photos. 192 pgs.
c. 1990, H/C...$29.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good

Trogons and Quetzals of the World
by: Johnsgard, Paul

Of all birdgroups, none is more closely associated with the world's tropical forests than trogons and quetzals. With shimmering golden-green feathers and long ornamental tail coverts, Central America's resplendent quetzal often has been called the world's most beautiful bird. Other New World as well as African trogonids also are iridescent and brightly pigmented, while red or reddish brown hues predominate in Asian species. Since deforestation and fires have ravaged many of the reclusive group's prime habitats, ornithologists and conservationists may soon be unable to study many of the world's trogonids in their native environments. Beautifully illustrated with color plates and line drawings, this comprehensive review of trogons and quetzals -- the first to be published in more than 150 years -- covers all thirty-nine extant species. The book includes detailed species accounts, range maps, and identification keys as well as a chapter that discusses comparative biology in terms of evolution, anatomy and morphology, behavior, ecology, breeding biology, and populations. Forty hand-colored plates -- most by the renowned nineteenth-century illustrator John Gould -- depict adults of both sexes; nineteen line drawings by author Paul Johnsgard illustrate behavior and anatomy. The book also includes more than three hundred bibliographic references. Despite their beauty and renown among birders, little has been previously published about the biology of many trogon and quetzal species. This up-to-date survey will serve as a valuable reference for ornithologists, conservationists, aviculturalists, and birdwatchers worldwide. 223 pgs
c. 2000, H/C... $49.95

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