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101 More Reasons Why a Cat is Better Than a Man
by: Zobel-Nolan, Allia

Nicole Hollander delivers the eye-catching, entertaining illustrations of Allia Zobel's irreverent and sometimes impudent confirmations of what women have suspected for years -- that they're better off with a cat. 80 pgs.
c. 1997, S/C...$7.95

101 Questions Your Cat Would Ask Its Vet: If Your Cat Could Talk
by: Fogle, Bruce

Bruce Fogle, a veterinarian & specialist in animal behavior, has become cat's best friend to advise & to answer 101 of their questions about all aspects of their lives: from sex to illnesses & prevention, from feline medical problems & symptoms to settling in a new, from travel to why cats scratch. While many of the answers are written in a humorous vein, the answers provided are practical & informative, & make fascinating reading. 134 pgs.
c. 1993, H/C...$9.95
Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: New

101 Uses For A Cat
by: Donner, Andrea
From foot warmers to acrobats, this enchanting book full of color photographs depicts 101 of a cat's most useful traits. 112 pgs.
c. 2002, H/C...$14.95

125 Most Asked Questions About Cats...and the Answers
by: Malone, John

In his light and entertaining style, the author answers with wit and humor.

A Cat Owner's Survival Manual
by: Horton-Bussey, Claire & Godfrey, David

This is essential for all feline fans. Everything you need to know to raise a happy, well-behaved pet - whether you are a life-long owner, or a first-timer who is thinking about adopting a kitten, this fun, fact-filled book is the one for you. Choosing a kitten can be a daunting task, but the Survival Manual helps you through the entire process. Once you bring puss home, there's heaps of advice on how to settle her in, how to make peace with other pets in your household, and how to introduce her to younger members of the family. The journey doesn't stop there A Cat Owner's Survival Manual is a complete reference guide for the whole of your cat's life. Learn all about Choosing a kitten Litter-training Diet, play and exercise Grooming Health and preventive care. B/W Illustrations & Color photos. 256 pgs.
c. 2004, H/C...$12.95
Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: New

All Color Book Of Kittens
by: Loxton, Howard

Kittens of many different descriptions have been superbly photographed for this book, which gives a detailed & amusing account of how to look afetr, feed, house & love your pet. 72 pgs.
c. 1974, H/C...$9.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good w/dust jacket

American Animal Hospital Association Encyclopedia of Cat Health & Care
by: Sussman, Les

Definitive guide to choosing and caring for your cat and handling illnesses and emergencies. Includes: A guide to breeds and temperments; An at-a-glance guide to signs and symptoms; Lifesaving first aid and emergency procedures; Tips on poison control and much more. 291 pages, color photos and B/W illustrations
c. 1996, S/C... $14.00
Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Asleep In The Sun
by: Silvester, Hans

Collection of over 100 full color photos from Hans Silvester of the cats of Greece captured snoozing, cuddling, and basking in the sun. 142 pgs.
c. 1997, H/C...$22.50

ASPCA Complete Cat Care Manual
by: Edney, Andrew

Ultimate illustrated guide to caring for your cat. A comprehensive practical guide to every aspect of cat care - from training to traveling, from rearing kittens to caring for older cats. Detailed descriptions of the disorders that can affect a cat, illustrated with anatomical graphs and charts. Emergency first aid information, including treatment of bee stings and burns, artificial respiration and how to clean wounds. More than 600 specially commissioned color photographs and clear illustrations. 192 pages
c. 1992, H/C... $24.95
Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Atlas of Cats of the World
by: Kelsey-Wood, Dennis

Identification & information, wild & domestic cats, breeding, health, exporting.
c.1989...H/C, Oversize...$69.95

Bad Cat
by: Edgar, Jim

Pocket-size book filled with 244 not-so-pretty kitties and cats gone bad. Portraits of felines, their private lives laid bare by a snapshot and a few lines.See with your own eyes what Cat is really thinking! Color photos. 246 pgs.
c. 2004, S/C...$9.95

Beauty of Cats
by: Loxton, Howard

The chapters are: My cat Jeoffrey by Christopher Smart; the cat family, sacred cat, familiar cat, cats of the east, breeds of cats, choosing a cat, birth, and six senses and nine lives. B/W & Color photos.144 pgs.
c. 1972, H/C...$15.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Bengal Cats: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
by: Rice, Dan

Covers info on: feeding, behavior, history of the breed, purchase, preperation, nutrition, grooming, showing, breeding, health care, and more. Color photos. Illustrations. 94 pgs.

Best Ever Book Of Cat Names
by: Walker, Elanor

More than 4000 names from dozens of sources, including literature, opera, history, music, sports, the movies, the supermarket, the garden and the heavens. Along with delightful anecdotes about pets & pet owners, plus insights into cat psychology & behavior. 130 pgs.
c. 1984, H/C...$12.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Like new with dust jacket

Best Ever Book Of Dog & Cat Names
by: Garisto, Leslie & Streep, Peg

An inspiring compendium of more than 1000 marvelous monikers drawn from history and literature, as well as politics, art and entertainment. Each name includes it's history. 179 pgs.
c. 1989, S/C...$7.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Ex-Library, usual library markings

Body Language & Emotion of Cats
by: Milani, Myrna DVM

Dr. Milani shows how a thorough understanding of feline anatomy, physiology, and behavior can lead to a warm and lasting bond between cats and the people who love them. She also lets us know what our responses to feline behavior tell the cat about us and our emotions. 294 pgs.

Book Of Cat Names
by: Jeans, Simon

Discover hundreds of classy, sassy, brassy and outright silly names to call your cat, along with catchy characterizations to explain them. 96 pgs.
c. 1992, S/C...$4.95

Book of the Cat
by: Wright, Michael

Evolution of cats, all the cat breeds, behavior, veterinary problems you mat encounter, breeding, showing, and cats in art through the ages. Hundreds of photos and drawings. 256 pgs.
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Breed Predispositions To Disease In Dogs & Cats
by: Gough, Alex & Thomas, Alison
An ideal reference for veterinarians, students, breeders and pet owners. Contains listings of dog & cat breeds and the diseases and disorders to which they are believed to be predisposed, together with details of the mode of inheritance where known. Contains a colour plate section. 234 pgs.
c. 2004, S/C...$59.99

Canine & Feline Behavioral Therapy
by: Hart, Benjamin & Lynette

This book is organized into 3 sections. Section 1 covers practical tips in handling clients and in using the office visit to produce results. Section 2 comprises of the crux of the book with 18 chapters on specific behavioral problems. Throughout this section are sample cases with brief instructions to clients for the most typical problems. The chapters in this section can be referred to when a practioner is confronted with a particular problem. Section 3 is comprised of background material that one may want to read at his or her leisure. 275 pgs
c. 1985, H/C... $45.00

Canine & Feline Nutrition
by: Carey, Case & Daristotle, Hirakawa

Concentrates on the dietary management of the healthy dog and cat. It provides in-depth examination of nutritional principles, nutrient requirements, feeding management and treatment of nutritionally-responsive diseases. Current research is reviewed along with balanced discussions of controversial issues of dietary management. Also includes important new criteria for evaluating & selecting pet foods.Thoroughly revised and updated, it provides the latest animal nutrition information for veterinarians, students, and companion animal enthusiasts. 592 pgs
c. 2000, 2nd Ed, H/C... $69.95

Care & Handling Of Cats
by: Bryant, Doris

As a pet, good & bad cat owners, understanding cats, discipline & training, neutering & spaying, city cats & country cats, feeding, living conditions, grooming, equipment, traveling, general health, minor ailments & common problems, common diseases, aquiring a new cat or kitten, breeds of cats, and raising kittens. 212 pgs.
c. 1944, H/C...$7.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Cat: It's Behavior, Nutrition & Health
by: Case, Linda
Domestication, breeding, genetics, behavior, social life, training, health care, disease prevention, nutrition & feeding throughout the life cycle, nutritionally responsive diseases, vaccination guidelines. 392 pgs.
c. 2003, H/C...$49.95

Cat & Kitten Address & Telephone Book
Address book with lots of cat photographs throughout.

Cat & Kitten Birthday Book
A day book with blank spaces to keep track of birthday dates with lots of photos of cats & kittens.

Cat & Kitten Photograph Album
Photo album with cut-out sections for you to insert your own pictures.

Cat Behavior & Training
by: Ackerman, Lowell

Veterinary advice for owners on: behavior, social development, selecting a cat, rewards & punishment, preventing kitten problems, housesoiling, nutrition, destructive behavior, sexual & maternal behavior, introducing a new cat, aggression, complusive & conflict-related problems. Color photos. 309 pgs.
c. 1997, H/C...$29.95

Cat Calls
by: MacGregor, Alastair

Cat names through the ages, historical, literary, for every breed and every personality. Illustrated. 95 pgs.
c. 1988, H/C... $7.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good w/ dust jacket, minor wear on dj, reamainder mark

Cat Care Manual
by: Viner, Bradley

This book will give cat owners a new insight into instincts, behavior, physical & emotional needs of their cats. With practical advice on diet & nutrition, how to exercise & play with your cat, explanation of feline body language & communication, your role in pregnancy, birth & birth control for your cat, recent trends in cat psychology that will help you to understand natural feline behavior, & a complete guide to home medical care. B/W photos, color photos, & illustrations. 160 pgs.
c. 1986, S/C...$14.99
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Like New

Cat Diary
by: Verhoef-Verhallen, Esther

Space to jot down your day-to-day experiences amoung pictures & stories of cats.

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