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Complete Papillon
by: Roe, Carolyn & David

Expert advice is given on all aspects of caring for a Papillon from choosing a puppy to diet, exercise and grooming. There is an in-depth analysis of the Breed Standard and tips on exhibiting the papillon in the show ring. For the specialist, there is detailed information on breeding a litter, plus a fascinating chapter on Papillon collectables. Published in the U.K.. 160 pages, B/W photos and illustrations
c. 2003, 2nd Ed, H/C... $24.95


A Snuffle Of Pekes
by: Miles, Valerie & Procter, Norma

In this book, dedicated to Rumer Godden who wrote Butterfly Lions, the authors have captured in line, coulor & verse, a living history of a Snuffle of Pekes. 134 pgs.
c. 1996, H/C...$35.00


Book On Pekingese
by: Slater, Dorothy

The authentic history of the breed from 1860-1900 and from 1900 to the present day (founded on facts). Their care, breeding, and rearing in detail. B/W photos. 136 pgs.
c. 1955, 12th Ed, H/C...$27.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good


How To Raise & Train A Pekingese
by: Scott, Alice

Chapters on: History of the breed, buying, care of the puppy, breeding, raising puppies, how to train your dog, showing your dog. B/W & Color photos. 96 pgs.
c. 1982, S/C...$3.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited


by: Pisano, Beverly

Exercising, grooming, the new puppy, obedience training, breeding, care of the mother, general health care, shows, building a kennel. B/W photos. 125 pgs.
c. 1981, H/C...$5.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited


Popular Pekingese
by: Vlasto & dePledge

Origin & history of the breed, standard of points, show points explained, how to breed winners, puppy management, showing, common health problems. B/W photos. 150 pgs.
c. 1962, 5th Ed, Revised, H/C...$22.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Good

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Welsh Corgi League Handbook: 1975 (Vol. XXIX)

100 pages are devoted to an index of breeders and club advertisements - all with B/W photos. Also has a portrait gallery of the 1974 Challenge Certificate Winners; an overseas portrait gallery, stud dog register, kennel club registrations, a breeder's directory, challenge cups & trophies, junior warrant winners, leading stud dogs & brood bitches, 1974 championship show results, a list of members, and more.B/W photos. 301 pgs.
c. 1975, H/C...$22.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited


Then Along Came Barney: The Story Of A Dog Who Changed My Mind About Pitbulls
by: Bullington, Barbara

The story of a dog who changed the authors mind about pit bulls. Initially fearful of this stray that turns up on her doorstep, the dog turns out to be a funny, smart and sweet animal. 153 pages
c. 2008, S/C... $12.95


by: Gorant, Jim

The Underdog Who Conquered a Sport, Saved a Marriage, and Championed Pit Bulls--One Flying Disc at a Time. The author shares the heartwarming tale of one plucky, unwanted pit bull who achieved international celebrity. 264 pgs
c. 2012, H/C... $26.00


New Complete Pomeranian
by: Ricketts, Viva Leone

Covers: History & development of the breed, personality, choosing a puppy, color breeding, grooming, American breeders, British Imports, in Canada, in Bermuda, obedience, clubs, some special care and handling, training, exhibition, feeding, breeding, external parasites, internal parasites, skin trouble, diseases, and housing. B/W photos. 128 pgs.
c. 1962, H/C...$15.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good with some wear on Dust Jacket


Pet Pomeranian
by: Ricketts, Viva Leone

Old book on taking care of your Pomeranian. Includes:character, history of the breed, exercise & environment, bringing home the new puppy, grooming, training, showing, health, tips for the novice breeder, breeding, spay or not to spay, aging pet, tribute to the breed and the standard. 64 pages, B/W illustrations
c. 1956, S/C... $7.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Fair


Clipping Your Poodle (Foyles Handbook)
by: Sheldon, Margaret & Lockwood, Barbara

Chapters: Equipment for the private poodle owner, the basic clip, the lion clip, the dutch clip or madern trim, the lamb trim and puppy clip, other clips, shampooing & drying, the poodle beauty parlour, equipment for the beauty parlour.B/W photos & illustrations. 96 pgs.
c. 1960, H/C...$7.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Good


Your Poodle Puppy
by: Hart, Ernest

Beginning before birth of the puppy, Mr Hart takes the reader step-by-step, through the whelping, weaning, feeding, selection, rearing & training of your poodle puppy. He includes important chapters on health & disease, plus the recognized Poodle standard. Fully indexed & illustrated with both descriptive pictures & photographs of famous Poodles in the three accepted sizes & all colors.
(Date unknown - still wrapped in plastic), H/C...$7.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Like new - still wrapped in original cellophane

Portugese Water Dog

Complete Portugese Water Dog
by: Braund, Kathryn & Miller, Deyanne Farrell

Chapters: origins & history, its' homeland, coming to America, Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, American breeders, evolution, standards, character, grooming, lifetime care, basic genetics, selctive breeding, feeding, showing, obedience training, & agility work, water trials. B/W photos. 288 pgs.
c. 1986, 1st Ed, H/C...$19.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very good, Like New


How To Raise & Train A Pug
by: Miller, Evelyn

History, selecting, caring for, housebreaking & training, obedience, caring for the female & raising puppies, showing. B/W photos. 64 pgs.
c. 1960, S/C...$5.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Good


This Is The Pug
by: Spirer, Louise Ziegler & Spirer, Herbert

Chapters cover: history of the breed, description, standard, heredity, characteristics, reproduction & mating, pregnancy & motherhood, puppyhood, diet & foods, training & housebreaking, training for showing, kennels, beds, grooming & exercise, along with general health, diseases & first aid. B/W photos. 223 pgs.
c. 1968, H/C...$17.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very good


Complete Rottweiler
by: Freeman, Muriel

In America, guidance for the potential owner, the standard, preparing to show a puppy, AKC & Rottweiler clubs, the working rottweiler, breeding, feeding, health problems, the Rottweiler in: Canada, Germany, England, Australia, Finland, and Holland. B/W photos. 288 pgs.
c. 1984, 1st Ed., H/C...$10.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good


Rottweiler: Centuries Of Service (Howell Best Of Breed)
by: Michels, Linda & Thompson, Catherine

Whether the reader owns one Rottweiler companion or is a serious breeder with a large kennel, this is an invaluable source of expert reference on the origins of the breed, the Standard, finding a dog, care and training for puppies and adults, activities to be enjoyed and a host of other important subjects. Fully illustrated in glowing color throughout. 192 pgs.
c. 1998, H/C...$24.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very good with dust jacket, dust jacket has some small tears, inside is like new


Rottweilers: A Complete Introduction
by: Nicholas, Anna Katherine

All the information you need about selecting & keeping a rottweiler - featuring sections on the breed's history, training, health care, breeding, & showing. Color photos. 128 pgs.
c. 1987, S/C...$5.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very good - like new


Your Rottweiler's Life
by: Dearth, Kim D. R. & Howl, Joanne DVM

Your complete guide to raising your pet from puppy to companion. Food, medical care, common health concerns, training, grooming, family life. 304 pgs.
c. 1999, S/C...$14.99

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard Classic
by: Albert de la Rie

A written and pictorial narrative describing over 100 years of the development of the Saint Bernard Breed.
c. 1974, 1st Ed, H/C...$35.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Saint Bernard Your Saint Bernard
by: Sharp, Marian J.

Contents: Slecting the saint Bernard puppy; what to look for in the adult; standards; preparing for the show; grooming; health; history of the genus Canis; history of the Saint Bernard; history of the Saint Bernard Club of America; national specialty show winners; pillars of the breed; the breed in other countries; Saint Bernard rescue unit; in obedience competition; personality; owner resposibility; manners; show competition; genetics; & breeding & whelping. Filled with B/W photos & illustrations. 160 pgs.
c. 1978, H/C...$15.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good - Like New, Ex-library, new except for usual library markings


Complete Schipperke
by: The Schipperke Club Of America

An official study of the breed whose origins are lost in the shadows of history, here is authoritative information from global development to choosing and caring for the dog -- whether worker's companion or show star. Chapters: origins, history, in the US, fanciers in North America, in other countires, the Hall Of Fame, official standard, the ideal schipperke, character, care & health, showing, obedience, breeding, the bitch & litter. B/W photos. 207 pgs.
c. 1993, H/C...$25.95


Official Book Of The Schipperke

Origin & early history in Belgium, in U.S., standard, in obedience, care of
c. 1965, H/C...$17.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited


Official Book Of The Schipperke (New Edition)
Edited: Root, Vella & Kent, Russell & Martin, Janice
Covers: origins, early history, in the US 1889-1950, in the US 1950-1970, the 1970's, Hall Of Fame, standards (USA), its physical characteristics, its character, obedience, obedience winners 1940-70, and feeding & general care. 149 photos, 18 drawings and 17 pedigrees in this edition. 207 pgs.
c. 1976, 2nd Ed, H/C...$17.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good


by: Martin, Mrs. Darwin

Chapters on: character, history, breed standards, grooming, selecting a dog, as a new family member, feeding, accomodations, housebreaking your puppy, behavior modification, health care, & breeding. Color photos. 159 pgs.
c. 1989, H/C...$9.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very good - good, inscription in front cover



Schnauzers: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual
by: Frye, Fredric L
These robust canines originated in Germany as herding dogs and ratters many centuries ago. Today, Schnauzers are popular pets worldwide. Miniatures, standards, and giants - they're all here. All Complete Pet Owner's Manuals are heavily illustrated with color photos and line art, and are filled with reliable, easy-to-understand information on pet care. The books give advice on purchasing and otherwise acquiring a pet, maintaining health care, housing, proper feeding, and where applicable, grooming and training. Clear, straightforward text comes with high-quality, full-color photos and anatomically accurate line art, as well as helpful tables and charts. 80 pgs.
c. 1988, S/C...$5.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good - like new


Schnoodle (Designer Dog Series)
by: Bobrowsky, Carol & Gladden, Jim

From the premier publisher of pet and animal books comes Schnoodle, part of the Kennel Club Books® Designer Dogs® Series. With their intelligence and low-shedding coats, poodles have long been the foundation of easy-to-care-for mixed breeds. Currently wildly popular, these dogs are not to be confused with mutts--these dogs are sold for more than some purebreds. Inside you will find info on: deveolpment of the Schnoodle, meet the parent breeds, characteristics, finding a breeder, selecting a Schnoodle, basic care, house-training and obedience, activities and general fun, health concerns, and breeding. Color photos. 125 pgs.
c. 2006, H/C... $14.95

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