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Calving the Cow & Care of the Calf (4th Edition)
by: Straiton, Eddie

Natural birth, dangers of premature interference, general hints for assisting, malpresentation, how to resuscitate a calf, the afterbirth, spinal anaesthesia, tortion or twist of the uterus, C-section, problems od prolapse, infertility, the downer cow, foetal malformations, calf housing, calf feeding, bloat, scours, coccidiosis, lead poisoning, dehorning, castration, goitre, and more. Color & B/W photos. 132 pgs.
c. 1994, 4th Ed, H/C...$34.95
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Calving the Cow & Care of the Calf (5th Edition)
by: Straiton, Eddie

Natural birth, dangers of premature interference, general hints for assisting, malpresentation, how to resuscitate a calf, the afterbirth, spinal anaesthesia, tortion or twist of the uterus, C-section, problems of prolapse, infertility, the downer cow, foetal malformations, calf housing, calf feeding, bloat, scours, coccidiosis, lead poisoning, dehorning, castration, goitre, and more. Color & B/W photos. 132 pgs.
c. 2002, H/C, 5th Ed...$39.95

Caring For Cows
by: Porter, Valerie
A guide to cowkeeping that places primary emphasis on the welfare of the cow. Covers: cow habits, handling, feeding, breeding, the calf, health, milk, cream & meat. 144 pgs.
c. 1991, H/C...$24.95

Cattle: An Informal Social History
by: Carlson, Laurie Winn

This intriguing book examines in fascinating detail the relationship between people and domesticated cattle. Carlson considers the impact of science, technology and economics on cattle, and how they have influenced human history. Illustrations. 321 pgs.
c. 2001, H/C, (Reg Price $27.50)...$22.50
Condition: Very Good w/ dust jacket, ex-library, usual library markings

Cattle Breeds & Management
by: Housman, William

Covers: Ox, horned breeds, polled breeds, cross breeds, dexter, kerry -management, diseases.
c.1915, 7th Ed, H/C...$65.00
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Cattle Footcare & Claw Trimming
by: Raven, E. Toussaint

Over 270 superb diagrams & illustrations showing just how the foot & claws function, why ailments occur, the causes of those dieases & disorders, and the precise role & techniques of claw trimming. This is then placed in the wider context of footcare by chapters on footbaths, housing, nutrition and breeding. 127 pgs.

Cattle Health Handbook
by: Thomas, Heather Smith

The essential medical reference for farmers and ranchers confronting day-to-day bovine health issues. Heather Smith Thomas, an expert on livestock with decades of first-hand experience, covers every routine situation, and many not-so-common problems, likely to arise on a cattle ranch or dairy farm. Three broad sections cover common diseases, ailments specific to certain body systems, and other ailments and injuries. Beginning with detailed information on how to detect signs of illness, the book progresses through the various causes of cattle health problems, describing symptoms and discussing prevention and treatment. Readers will find reassuring advice on handling bacterial and viral diseases; digestive and respiratory problems; eye, skin, foot, and mouth irritations; injuries and wounds; and much more. Thomas also helps farmers recognize when a situation calls for veterinary assistance. Case histories, real characters, and humorous anecdotes give the text a warm voice of authority. Primary income source or country hobby, cattle are unique; the people who care for them want their animals to be healthy and comfortable. For the first-time dairy farmer or the experienced cattle rancher, this reliable volume is a must-have resource. B/W photos & illustrations. 371 pgs.
c. 2009, S/C...$24.95

Cattle Of the World In Colour
by: Friend, John & Bishop, Denis

This book traces the origins of cattle in the Pliocene, their domestication, and their evolution into many the many bredds of the modern world. There are detailed descriptions of 113 breeds. Milk, meat & other products are deescribed and there are chapters dealing with modern techniques of breeding and breed improvement on a world-wide basis. 111 color plates, B/W photos & numerous line drawings. 198 pgs.
c. 1978, H/C...$35.00
Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Choosing & Keeping Pigs
by: McDonald-Brown, Linda

Pigs make friendly, intelligent pets and they also help clear ground, recycle waste and fertilize the soil. This practical and accessible book is the ideal beginner's guide to these great animals. It includes:clear instructions on choosing and looking after pigs, everything you need to know, from housing and fencing to feeding and farrowing and a comprehensive directory of 30 modern and rare breeds. 208 pages., color photos.
c. 2009, S/C...$19.95

Complete Cow
by: Rath, Sara

An udderly entertaining yet serious history of dairy and beef cows of the world. From ancient myths to a breed encyclopedia to a whimsical look at the fun pop culture surrounding famous cows, along with all kinds of bovine trivia. Beautifully illustrated with color photos of all breeds. 144 pgs.
c. 1998, H/C...$29.95

Cotswold Sheep
by: Robert H. Busch

Its natural history, medieval characteristics, nineteenth century demand at home and abroad, original breed society, numbers dwindle, breed society re-established, traditional qualities for modern times, cotswold ram as crossing sire, wool clip and products, conservation for the future, further reading and sources of information. B/W & Color photos. 36 pgs.

Cow Keeping In India, Tweed's
by: Sinha, S.N.

Breeds, buying, feed, housing, breeding, dry cows, calves, price, milk, diseases. 378 pgs
c. 1931, 5th ed, H/C....$45.00
Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Good - Inside Very Good, but Binding breaking

Cows For The Smallholder
by: Porter, Valerie

Aimed at the first-time cowman and the experienced cowkeeper. Discusses the benefits & drawbacks of keeping cows, describes the various breeds and their characteristics, behavior patterns, handling, equipment, accommonodation, feeding, and covered in detail are pregnancy, birth, calves and the general health of cows. Milk & by-products are also covered with advice on how to get the most from cows and a multitude of suggesstions for dairy products. Appendix contains condition scoring, food tables, costings, useful addresses and much more. 192 pgs.

Diet For Wethers
by: Eddy, Carolyn
A guide to feeding your wether for health & longevity. Energy, protein, vitamins, minerals, salt, water, nutrient requirements of goats, composition of feedstuffs, balanced diet, types of hay, natural diet, body condition, storing feed, dietary diseases, analyzing feed tags, and sample diets from breeders. 102 pgs.
c. 2001, S/C, Spiral...$14.95

Dino, Godzilla, & The Pigs: My Life On Our Missouri Hog Farm
by: Fricke, Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth Fricke had never done "men's work", & never aspired to it. She never learned to drive a shift car. Then she fell in love & married a farmer. During the Farm Crisis of 1986, she found the strength to transform from traditional woman to full-time farm worker. She found herself helping to care for a 1500 sow herd of pigs & operating dangerous machinery. This is an utterly honest & gripping account of daily life on a Missouri farm & the Frickes' struggle to hold on to the family farm. 185 pgs.
c. 1993, H/C, (Regular $20.00)...$7.50
Used, Quantities Limited
Condition: Very Good with dust jacket, ex-library, usual library markings otherwise like new

Dirt Hog
by: Klober, Kelly

This comprehensive manual on rasing hogs the natural way includes sections on housing and fencing, selection and breeding, herd maintenance, feeds and feeding, marketing and more. 309 pages, B/W photos and illustrations
c. 2007, S/C... $25.00

Diseases Of The Goat, 3rd Edition
by: Matthews, John

Diseases of the Goat has become well established as a truly invaluable tool for veterinarians. It is a highly practical, concise handbook for frequent reference. The book covers all aspects of goat medicine, from assessment and examination, to diagnosis, treatment and control of conditions. This new edition has been updated and extended, in particular to incorporate the impact of recent developments, such as the geographical spread of diseases into new regions. There are new chapters on the Geriatric Goat; Inadequate Growth Rate; Biosecurity and Herd Health in order to reflect changes in current concerns and practice and there is also extended and updated material included on surgical techniques and anaesthesia. This edition now includes a section with colour photographs in order to assist diagnosis. 448 pgs.
c.2009, 3nd Ed, S/C...$98.99

Domestic Animals Of China
by: Epstein, H.

Describes the origin, distribution, characteristics and performance of Chinese breeds of cattle, yak (including cattle-yak hybrids), buffalo, sheep, goat, pig, horse, ass, camel, reindeer and dog. Not only an account of the improvement of native stock by selection, and the impact on such stock of imported Western breeds, but a record is made of the many local varieties now on the verge of extinction for economic reasons. Each section is extensively illustrated, the plates ranging from that of a bronze from the 5th century BC to photos taken by the suthor in 1968. 166 pgs plus 100 pgs of photos.
c. 1969, H/C...$125.00
Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited

Easy Dairying
by: British Goat Society
A book on making goat milk dairy products at home. Chapters include: Utensils - cleaning & disinfection, deep freezing goat's milk, pasteurization, cream, sour cream, ice cream, butter, cheeses, curds, cheese making equipment, soft cheeses, hard pressed cheeses, testing acidity, curds, cultured milk, yoghurt, and more. B/W pictures & line drawings. 39 pgs.
c. 1998...Booklet...$9.95

Encyclopedia Of Historic & Endangered Livestock & Poultry Breeds
by: Dohner, Janet Vorwald
Complete information on the history, characteristics, qualities, and traits of 138 endangered livestock breeds (Goats, Sheep, Swine, Cattle, Equines), and 53 poultry breeds (Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, Geese). Includes where these breeds can be seen today, the degree of rarity of each breed in the US, UK, and Canada, information on feral livestock populations, 160 color photos and over 80 B/W photos and historical illustrations. 514 pgs.
c. 2001, H/C...$80.00

Essential Guide to Calving
by: Thomas, Heather Smith

Giving your beef or dairy herd a healthy start. Whaether you keep a single family milk cow or oversee a large herd, there is much to be gained by improving your knowledge of bovine pregnancies and deliveries. Your ability to effectively handle all types of calving situations is your best guarantee for the future health of your calves, your cows and your farm. S/C, 325 pages, B/W photos and illustrations
c. 2008, S/C...$24.95

Family Cow
by: Van Loon, Dirk

History, behavior, nutritional needs, buying, handling, feed, milking, health, diseases, growing feed crops, use of manure. B/W photos & illustrations. 262 pgs.
c. 1976, S/C...$14.95

Farm Animals (Mini Fact Finders)
by: Muller, Hans Alfred

Identification of many of the best-known breeds of cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, goats, fowl, and household animals. 11 pages of anatomically correct full-color animal drawings and 45 color plates. Great descriptions and useful facts to breeders and animal lovers alike. Pocketsize book: 3.5" x 6". 64 pgs.
c.1992...Pocketsize, S/C...$4.95

Farm Animals In Colour (Blandford Colour Series)
by: Clausen, H & Tipsen, E.
Identification & information on no fewer than 158 different breeds of cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, rabbits, & poultry (in Britain & Europe). The text & illustrations give the reader a good idea of what the more imoprtant breeds look like & the purpose for which they are kept. Color illustrations. 181 pgs.
c. 1970, H/C...$22.50
Used, Out-Of-Print, Quantities Limited
Condition: Ex-Library, Good with dust jacket, many library marking

Farm Animals: Your Guide To Raising Livestock
by: Peck-Whiting, Jeanie
Covers: How to raise pigs, goats, cows, chickens, ducks & rabbits; swine & sow pregnancy care; when to keep a boar for your herd; milking goats & equipment needed; artificial insemination diary of a cow; records to keep on a small farm; and what to keep in an animal first-aid box. 312 pgs.
c. 2003, S/C...$18.95

Farming Meat Goats: Breeding, Production & Marketing
by: Vincent, Barbara
The goat meat industry in Australia is growing quickly and is becoming an important export industry. It offers many opportunities for large- and small-scale farmers who need to diversify or seek alternative enterprises. This book deals specifically with the production of goats for meat and addresses all aspects of the industry that the producer is likely to encounter. It covers selecting and preparing a property, choosing the breeding stock, breeding, health care and nutrition, drought feeding, condition scoring and marketing. One of the key benefits of the book is that it will allow farmers in Australia and overseas to produce animals to specification for targeted markets such as: Butchers, Supermarkets, Restaurants, On farm live sales, which are mainly to ethnic groups for private kill,s Sales to abattoirs that specialise in Halal kills for the Muslim community, Breeding stock either as replacements, or for improved herd genetics. Illustrations. 274 pgs
c. 2005, S/C... $69.95

Footcare In Cattle: Hoof Structure & Trimming (Video)
by: Blowey, Roger

Using laboratory specimens Roger Blowey shows the anatomy of cattle feet and what happens when the hoof overgrows. He next visits a dairy farm to demonstrate hoof trimming to a novice dairy farmer who then has a chance to practice for herself. 55 Minutes.
c.1992, VHS, 55 Min...$34.95
On Sale $24.45

Fundamentals Of Improved Dairy Goat Management
by: Jackson, Robert A. & Hall, Alice G.

Health, tattooing, disbudding, nutrition, diseases, digestive disorders, mastitis, parasites, breeding, kidding. 67 pgs. c.1986...S/C...$8.95

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