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WXICOF is your source for animal related books.

We pride ourself on a large inventory of books (currently over 5000 titles), the majority of which we have in stock, ready to ship when we receive your order.

A number of our books are extremely hard to find elsewhere. We carry books that have been privately published and we import books from all over the world such as Sweden, England, Australia, and Germany, just to list a few. (Yes, these books are written in English!) Some books are out-of-print, but the majority are new books.

*All in-print books are subject to availability from the publisher.
**All out-of-print books, quantities limited.
***Prices subject to change without notice.
A special Thanks to LoraLee & Jim!

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All books are classified into categories to make it easier to find the books you are looking for.
Children's Books are listed in their appropriate categories.

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Each category contains Children's Books appropraite to that subject.

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We deal in
In-Print, Hard-To-Find, Rare, and Out-Of-Print Books

If you are looking for a particular title or a book by a particular author, feel free to contact us. If we don't have what you want, we will gladly search and try to find the book you want.

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